Username:  Apistomax

Real Name:  

Age:   48

Country/Location:  United States/ MD

current Guitars:
1994 40th 1954 Anniversary LE edition Strat only 1954 made
2004 50th Anniversary 1954 Custom Shop Masterbuilt Strat-Greg Fessler
2006 Custom Shop Time Machine 60'Strat Relic
2006 Limited Edition 60th Anniversary Telecaster only 1000 made
2009 Gibson Les Paul Standard Traditional Pro

01 Martin DC-16GTE
Boeing Classical Guitar

Guitars I used to own:
EC Strat neck to narrow for me
EJ Strat
65 CS NOS Strat -traded for the above LP
2004 50th Anniversary US Series Strat
2007 62 AVRI Strat (should have kept this one)
70's AVRI Strat
05 AM SE Strat
07 Ovation Custom shop Elite
Gibson Premium Les Paul
Gibson Classic Les Paul
Gibson Custom ES-137(gorgeous guitar but the neck was to wide for my taste)
1980 Aria Pro II ES-600
99 MIM Purple RW Std Strat(my first Strat , should have kept and modded it)
PRS SE II Soapbar-Amazing little tone monster!
Fender DRRI modded with Weber speaker
Fender Super champ XD
Tascam Guitar Training Amp
Fulltone Pedal
Various Boss Pedals
Yamaha Keyboard




How I found the FDP:  wunderbar!

Date registered:  Aug 15th, 2006

Contributing Membership Expires:  6/4/10

Photo: Prs guitar bodies CNC machine steps (74 k)
Photo: 50 aniversary MB Strat (7 k)
Photo: 50th aniversary MB Strat (131 k)
Photo: CS 60 Strat (147 k)
Photo: CS 60 Strat TM (160 k)
Photo: Guitar Stand (6 k)
Photo: PRS Shipping dptmnt (77 k)
Photo: Untitled (81 k)
Photo: Untitled (72 k)
Photo: Untitled (73 k)
Photo: Untitled (69 k)
Photo: Untitled (80 k)
Photo: Untitled (75 k)

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