Username:  AMS88

Real Name:  

Age:   22

Country/Location:  MN

Fender Telecaster (MIA body, MIM neck) with SD bridge and EMG neck humbucker (sunburst)
Fender 72 Telecaster Deluxe RI
1991 MIM Fender Telecaster (lake placid blue)
Fender Deluxe Super Strat (crimson transparent)

Silver Creek D-170

68 Fender Bandmaster
78 Fender Champ
Vox AC4TVH/matching cab
Blackheart Handsome Devil 112

Boss DD-20
Boss DS-1 (Keeley-type mod)
Boss RV-3
CMATMODS Signa Drive
Line 6 DL-4
Modtone Tremolo
MXR Classic Distortion (M86)
MXR Classic Overdrive
TC Electronic Polytune
Tech 21 Boost RVB
VooDoo Labs Sparkle Drive

eBow Plus

Email:  aschibilla(AT)


Comments:  Been playing since 6th grade when some friends and I started a church youth group band. Gigged with a local indie-rock band in the Minneapolis area (In Harbour) for a couple years before calling it quits...but church gigs still keep me busy weekly. The FDP never ceases to abound with insight and interesting invaluable resource.

How I found the FDP:  Dad

Date registered:  Mar 10th, 2004

Contributing Membership Expires:  11/4/11

Photo: New Amp Day! (186 k)
Photo: new and improved pedal board (185 k)

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