Username:  76Strat

Real Name:  

Age:   51

Country/Location:  Armpit of U.S. (NJ)

1976 Stratocaster (my baby)(Black Pickguard)
1996 Les Paul Standard w/Earvana nut (Black)
1999 Jerry Jones 12-string (Black)
2003 Tele Custom AVRI 62 w/Earvana nut (Black)
2001 Gretsch Duo-Jet (Black)
2008 CIJ ST62-TX (62 Reissue Strat)(Black)
1994 Mullen D-10 pedal steel (Black)
Guild JF30-12 (Black)
Guild D-15 (Black)

Super Champ XD
Prosonic Combo
Motion Sound SR-112 w/JBL E-120
Peavey Nashville 1000
Keeley modded Sparkle Drive, OCD, Keeley Comp, Boss DD-3 Delay, Turbo Tuner, Banshee Talkbox




How I found the FDP:  

Date registered:  Feb 14th, 2006

Contributing Membership Expires:  5/19/11

Moderators: Chris Greene  Iron Man  reverendrob  

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