Username:  6V6man

Real Name:  Michael Richard


Country/Location:  How many holes does

Carvin C780 Acoustic-Electric Jumbo
2001 New Amer. Standard Tele, Black finish, Rosewood. Equipped with a "Purebred" Tele pickups from Budz Guitars (
Various original design guitars made by me. See photo of 'Birdie'
Silvertone (Harmony) archtop, recently rebuilt. pics soon.

'64 Fender Princeton 6G2 in self-made repro cab with matching 1-12" extension cab.
'75 SF Princeton Reverb

Homebrew LP-1 Clone
Danelectro BLT Slapback-up-side-yo-head echo.
DigiTech Bad Monkey Overdrive



Comments:  yes.

How I found the FDP:  in a virtual hole in the cyber-sand

Date registered:  Jun 8th, 2004

Contributing Membership Expires:  6/8/09

Musician Ad: Want to Collaborate on Projects: Ypsilanti, MI (United States): Traveling musicians wanted!

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