Username:  337LEE

Real Name:  Lee Velasquez

Age:   57

Country/Location:  United States

81 Bradley Mini P
99 MIM Jazz
00 Cort ABG
00 MIM P Special Deluxe (converted to homemade Stingray)
00 MIA Jazz
Squire Jazz de-fretted

Silver face Fender Bassman & 2-10 Tremolux cabinet
Line 6 Studio 10
Ampeg B-3158
Avatar B212
Peavey IPR 3000
Eden Navigator
SWR Headlite and Golight cabinets
Boss BR-600

Lots of effects, parts, & junk




How I found the FDP:  Surfing

Date registered:  Vintage FDPer

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: 'Stang (93 k)
Photo: 2000 ASe Jazz (16 k)
Photo: 2011 MIM P (22 k)
Photo: A gig (52 k)
Photo: Afro? Check. (134 k)
Photo: Backups (51 k)
Photo: Black Beauties (421 k)
Photo: Boys and Their Toys (22 k)
Photo: Chimney (108 k)
Photo: Commemorative neck plate (15 k)
Photo: Fretless Squier Jazz (51 k)
Photo: FSR Jazz (46 k)
Photo: GK MB210 and MBE115 (8 k)
Photo: Hot and Cold (8 k)
Photo: Ibanez Musician (30 k)
Photo: Jazz Bass (34 k)
Photo: LPBJ & Epi LP Bass (34 k)
Photo: Mimosa in bloom (80 k)
Photo: Mini P (34 k)
Photo: My scoot (27 k)
Photo: P-Bass (30 k)
Photo: P-Bass Dlx (22 k)
Photo: Snippets from musical (57 k)
Photo: SVT (16 k)
Photo: SWR Headlite and Golight cabinets (78 k)
Photo: The Crib (80 k)

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