Username:  1958Bassman

Real Name:  

Age:   53

Country/Location:  USA

Guitars (Functional)
'07 Baja Player's Club Tele w/black Bakelite pickguard
'89 Strat Plus
1993 Martin Shenandoah M00028H
'52 National 'Chicagoan' lap steel
'64 Melody Maker- GONE
Ibanez AW-60 acoustic
Ibanez SD400FT fretless bass
'70s SD Curlee bass
'60s Harmony arch top
'60s EKO Arch top
Hofner 550 Bass (not one of the good ones)


'58 Bassman
1990 GK 400RB bass amp
1959 Magnatone 210 Student Deluxe amp
'66 Fender BFVC----SOLD January, 2011
Gallien Krueger 400GT
Pre-1940 OAHU lap steel guitar amp
1957 Stromberg-Carlson AU-33 (May, 2014)
Some No-Name mess with non-functional reverb, now known to be a Univox U-1011
Vox Berkeley head


(2) Boss SD-1, TR-2, OC-2
Alesis MicroVerb II, DeltaLab Effectron II
Dunlop CryBaby Wah
RPG Electronics Rocktavia Octave/Distortion

Eminence Delta 12LFA, in self-built cabinet
2)Altec 417B
2)'67 Jensen C12R
1)Celestion G12S-50
1)'65 Jensen C12Q in Danelectro 1425 cabinet SOLD, Jan 2013
2) Celestion G12-65 in Ampeg cabinet TRADED, as partial payment toward GK 400RB

Various Audio Technica and Shure mics & cables
Planet Waves cables




How I found the FDP:  Stumbling around on the information Super Driveway

Date registered:  Oct 2nd, 2007

Contributing Membership Expires:  12/26/08

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