Username:  18megohm

Real Name:  Jeff Meyer

Age:   54

Country/Location:  San Antonio, TX

1996 Gibson LP Standard
1998 Gibson Night Hawk
2002 Sunburst Gibson ES-135
2003 Martin 000C-16RGTE
2 each 2007 American Deluxe Strat
2012 Gibson SG Standard
Seagull 25th anniversary flamed maple CW EC
Seagull S12
Marshall VS265
Fender Blues Jr. Relic
VOX DA5 battery powered modeling amp
POD XT Live Multi Effects Board
TS-808 Tube Screamer
Fender Mini-Twin (toy amp)
Yamaha PSR-76 Keyboard
Yamaha EMX5000-12 powered mixer
2 Yamaha S115V Club Series V speakers
2 80's EV Sonic 15" 3-way cabs
7 Microphones
Mic stands, music stands, guitar stands, cords etc.



Comments:  My first post was 9/7/2000. I don't know when I actually registered. Contribute to the FDP! It makes you feel good!

How I found the FDP:

Date registered:  Vintage FDPer

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: 1961 Austin Healey 3000 (52 k)
Photo: 29' K-Z Spree (209 k)
Photo: American Deluxe Strat '07 (103 k)
Photo: AmSe Strat (369 k)
Photo: Brandy (296 k)
Photo: Current Stash (289 k)
Photo: Flowers behind wine glass (151 k)
Photo: Garner State Park in the fall of 2014 (465 k)
Photo: Gerdie (334 k)
Photo: Gibson ES 135 (205 k)
Photo: Google Earth Image of Our Home (44 k)
Photo: Harley 883 Sportster Custom '06 (67 k)
Photo: Hiking Davis Moutains TX (188 k)
Photo: Home (132 k)
Photo: Jam Room (41 k)
Photo: Les Paul Close Up (71 k)
Photo: LP Standard (180 k)
Photo: Mazda in the Texas Hill Country (142 k)
Photo: Me in the late 80's with LP custom (295 k)
Photo: MX-5 Miata (316 k)
Photo: MX-5 with top up (261 k)
Photo: My first band pic (69 k)
Photo: Neck X-Ray (24 k)
Photo: New Puppies (51 k)
Photo: New Truck (225 k)
Photo: Rhonda and I in the Mid 90's (27 k)
Photo: Roadsters top down (430 k)
Photo: Roadsters top up (441 k)
Photo: S2K (408 k)
Photo: San Antonio Snow 2017 (343 k)
Photo: SG Before and After (155 k)
Photo: Shuttle b (59 k)
Photo: Squirrel Hunters (203 k)
Photo: Stubborn German (47 k)
Photo: Wife and I more recent (63 k)

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