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FDP Forum / Fender Custom Shop / Cray specs please

Bill Barnard


Playin' the blues in Gainesville, FL
Oct 4th, 2001 03:25 PM   Profile  

Could someone tell me what the Cray specs are with regard to:
Neck Radius
Neck Shape
Fret Size
Bridge type


PS, Fender CS folks, it would be really nice if there was a specs link for the "stock" type CS guitars like there is for the regular guitars. You know like the link below.


Mike Eldred - Fender


Oct 4th, 2001 06:02 PM   Profile  

Like this?

Bill Barnard


Playin' the blues in Gainesville, FL
Oct 5th, 2001 08:25 AM   Profile  

Nope. That link doesn't tell you any of the things I asked about regarding the Cray (or really any other Stock Team Built guitars).

Trust me Mike, I looked there first before posting.

Now any chance of getting an answer to my original question?



Oct 5th, 2001 10:13 AM   Profile  

Robert Cray himself uses four Fender Custom Shop "Robert Cray" signature models with a hard-tail. Cray replaced the bridge saddles with Graph Tech saddles. He also uses plastic insulation on the treble E and B strings.

Scale: 25 1/2

Radius: Except for one Strat with 10" fretboard radius and a 10" bridge saddle radius, all of Crays bridge saddles had a flatter radius than the fretboards. One had a 10" fretboard and a 20" bridge saddle radius, and two had a 9 1/2" fretboard radius witha a 15" bridge saddle radius.


I know this info is not exactly what you are looking for, but it may help.


Bill Barnard


Playin' the blues in Gainesville, FL
Oct 5th, 2001 11:40 AM   Profile  

Thanks for the info. I'm really looking for what the specs are for the Cray signature strat, but thanks for Robert's specific values. It would appear from what you are saying that the fretboard radius is probably 9.5. Is a .103"x.041 fret a medium jumbo or vintage fret size?

Still looking for answers to the other questions:
Klusons or other tuners
Vintage bridge or 2 point (or something else)
C shaped neck skinny, C shaped large, soft V, or something else.

You get the idea now (hopefully)



Oct 8th, 2001 03:08 PM   Profile  

The bridge type is a hardtail with vintage type saddles. 2 or 6 screws is somewhat irrelevant with a hardtail (although, I know people will argue...).

I've only played one, and it was 7 years ago, but the neck on that one was a fairly fat "C" shape. I was playing a 62 RI at the time for reference.

Mark Duncan - Fender

F.M.I.C. Custom Shop

Oct 9th, 2001 01:52 PM   Profile  

Neck Radius - 9.5"
Neck Shape - 60's "C" Shape
Fret Size - Medium Jumbos
Pickups - Tx Specials
Tuners - Vintage type
Bridge type - Vintage Hardtail.

The instrument has gold hardware.

Bill Barnard


Playin' the blues in Gainesville, FL
Oct 9th, 2001 03:31 PM   Profile  

Thank you Mark!


Upstate, NY

Oct 9th, 2001 06:30 PM   Profile  


I feel kinda silly contradicting Mark from the Custom Shop, but every listing I've seen of the Cray speak to the pickups being wound to Robert's specs.

Let's see what I can find. . .

From the Fender Custom Shop Guitars and Amps catalog "Volume 50, Number 1" dated 1996:

"3 Custom Wound Vintage Strat Pickups"

From Frontline 2001: "custom vintage pickups"

In the Cray Strat that I had for a time I used to refer to the pickups as the "anti-Texas Specials". I strongly dislike TS pickups, finding them too dark and muddy. I actually wasn't crazy about the Cray pickups either, but for the opposite reason. They seemed much too bright and thin to me.


Every other spec Mark has listed coincides with the published specs and my memory of the guitar.




Atlanta, GA USA

Oct 14th, 2001 12:20 AM   Profile  

No way. We sat at Mars Music all night playing different Strats, many with Texas Specials, and the Cray Signature sounded nothing like them. In fact, the Cray pickups were closer in tone to Gold Lace Sensors than they were to Texas Specials.

Doc H


Oct 16th, 2001 10:39 AM   Profile  

I have a Cray Strat about 3 years old. I've been curious about the pickups since I got the guitar. I've posted on this board twice since then, asking Fender what pickups were provided, or what currently available replacements are similar (you know, Custom '54, Fat '50, etc.). I have never gotten a straight answer, but I know my answer was not "Texas Specials". Maybe they are changing specs from time to time, and featuring different pickups now than before.

The neck profile on my guitar is definitely not a standard '60s C-shape. It is a rather large C-shape, generally more like the MIJ '60s Strat made in the 1990's than a US Reissue, but it has a definite thickness taper going along its lenth from nut to heel. It feels good, and is unlike any other production Strat model I've encountered.

Why don't they just publish the damn specs for the guitar in the catalog listings? What's the problem? Do the specs vary that much from batch to batch? Fender, please explain.

Mark Duncan - Fender

F.M.I.C. Custom Shop

Oct 16th, 2001 09:44 PM   Profile  

Two ways to check. Plug into an amp and turn it up a bit. Put the pickup selector in the neck position. There should be some hum there. Next, put the pickup selector in postions two and four. The hum should go away. That is because the Tx Specials have a rwrp middle pickup. Prior to the FAT 50's, these were the only pickups that did this. The Cray Strat has been around a LOT longer than the FAT 50's pickups.

If you pull the pickguard up, the bridge pickup should have a red dot on it. The bridge and neck pickups will have a white wire and a black wire. The middle pickup will have a yellow-ish wire instead of white.

Pickup heights on a Strat pickup can make a huge difference in tone and output as well as the hardtail bridge. The girl who has been assembling our pickguard assemblies tells me she has always used Tx Specials on the Cray, and it has never changed. I also looked at an assembly we had built and sure enough, there they were..

"Why don't they just publish the damn specs for the guitar in the catalog listings? What's the problem? Do the specs vary that much from batch to batch? Fender, please explain."

We don't do any publishing from the shop, and I'm sorry I don't have an answer for you.

FDP Forum / Fender Custom Shop / Cray specs please

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