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FDP Forum / Fender Custom Shop / 2002 Custom Shop "Custom 59 Esquire"



Jul 13th, 2019 05:45 PM   Edit   Profile  

Hello Everybody!

Just wondering if any of you could help me identify specs from this guitar I purchased. The COA says:"Custom 59 Esquire",serial number CN96207. Its signed by Gordon J. Parkman, who apparently was the head of the Custom Shop in 2002. The guitar was advertised to me as a NOS, and in the neck pickup rout, its stamped "59 NOS". The body is dated(stamped) Jul 12, 2002. However in the neck cavity "63 Tele" is written in pen. Also the word RELIC is stamped into the neck cavity.

The neck heel is dated(stamped) Aug 30, 2002. But, the neck heel has "61 Tele" written in pen. The neck heel also has RELIC stamped into it.

The guitar itself has a 2-tone sunburst ash body, a slab-board, and a Esquire decal, It also has some 50's appointments: dome knobs, brass saddles w/slotted length adjustment screws. (all the other screws on the guitar are phillips) and the pickup is flat-pole with black and yellow cloth covered leads.
The switch tip is barrel-style, but matte finish and with some scratches on it.(a Road-Worn replacement?) Also the bridge plate is stamped "Fender Pat. Pend."

Which brings us to the condition of the guitar, It seems like it could be an NOS to light relic, with some distress to the body and headstock, but none to the back of the neck or fingerboard.

If any of you have any info on this guitar (or another one like it), please let me know!

Contributing Member

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Jul 14th, 2019 08:38 AM   Edit   Profile  

I have a 2003 Fender CS '63 Telecaster, and it has similar markings and stampings in the body/neck.

There is no public record of CS guitars because their serial numbers are often one-offs (special orders where the customer requests a specific number). The exception to this is if there's no specific number requested or if the guitar is part of a CS limited run.

Your best bet is to send a clear front and back photo of the guitar to Fender Customer Service. Include some info (serial, etc.), and request some info on it if it's available.

Contributing Member

If irritation occurs

discontinue use.
Jul 14th, 2019 08:39 AM   Edit   Profile  

And welcome to the FDP!

FDP Forum / Fender Custom Shop / 2002 Custom Shop "Custom 59 Esquire"

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