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FDP Forum / Performer's Corner / Pick up Gig last Saturday

Contributing Member

North Florida

A Friend of Bill W.
May 27th, 2019 02:37 PM   Edit   Profile  

I’ve been camping at the Florida folk Festival Thursday through Sunday.

Set my tent up in my usual location Thursday evening then came home. A little while after I hear a vehicle in my front yard and a voice calling me. I go outside and it’s an old buddy from South Florida who moved up here years ago.

He was freaking out a little, told me a buddy lost his bassist and talked him into covering it, but he couldn't do it, he doesn’t know any blues only trash metal, head banger stuff. He asked me if I’d be willing to cover it. I told him to get the guy on the phone. We talked, he told me I’d make at the least $100.00 for 7:00 to 11:00, OK no big deal, playing with three guys I’ve never meet, four sets of music I probably didn’t know, what could go wrong?

The guitar player was great he gave me a quick heads up for every tune, I wasn’t as well versed on the six eight thing as I should be, I struggled through about three of the tunes everything else went fine. The Keyboard player, an older guy, is the booking agent for this and other projects, asked me for my contact information for his Rolodex, the drummer thanked me. The crowed applauded all night and we wound up playing 3 encores at the end of the last set, for those still hanging around. The drummers house mate kept telling me I was great, he told me he was a bass player, I had to wonder why he wasn’t playing instead of me. The drummer was amazing but avoided the 1 with a vengeance. Played all around it, took me a a tune or two too get it. I called him on it during a break and he just laughed. Really complicated rhythms, gave me a lot of opportunity to go off road.

The worst thing was it went to 100°F Sat. and it was a restaurant’s patio gig.

I hadn’t done this since I left Homestead FL and it’s the first time I didn’t know any of the other players.

The guitar player said we could get together and he’d straighten me out on the 6/8 stuff. I’ve already started working on it. The timing of it throws me off a little. I don’t mentally count, I just know when it’s time. I just got to burn it in.

Contributing Member

Planet Peegoo

Rhythm & Lewd Guitarist
May 27th, 2019 06:37 PM   Edit   Profile  

A hired-gun gig like this is sometimes really good (like this one) and sometimes really bad. Most are somewhere in the middle. You show up, plug in and go.

Playing tunes you don't know or have never heard is performing without a parachute or a net. Being able to fake it convincingly is the mark of a real pro. And it sure helps if one of the players is keeping you on point like that guitar player did.

GREAT story and a happy outcome!

Juice Nichols

Panama City, FL

I'm just a dude, playing a dude...
May 28th, 2019 08:23 AM   Edit   Profile  

I know a few people that were playing at that festival. I bet it was hotter than the surface of the sun there this weekend.

Contributing Member

North Florida

A Friend of Bill W.
May 28th, 2019 10:04 AM   Edit   Profile  

Yeah, thanks Geno. The guitar player Kerby had a unique style and timing, solid performance, the tunes I did know, in some ways, were even more difficult, some of my standard lines needed major tweaking. It’s always fun when the challenge is high. Getting out of the comfort zone is always an education.

It was 100 degrees during the day, but cooled off as soon as the sun set. The park is on the Suwannee, being spring feed it’s a real shock jumping in. Not as bad as the 73 degree springs though, they’ll stop your heart “o)

Meet this Florida water color artist named Kieth Martin Johns. An amazing talent. I purchased three of his prints.

Kiethâs web site


Forgive your enemies

but never forget their names
Jun 23rd, 2019 04:35 PM   Edit   Profile  

You know Mike, I have played an open weekly Jam for more than two years now and never know what will be thrown at me and find that I love that I have to really think about what is being played. To prevent getting lost I just watch the guitar player’s fretting hand to see where we are headed. After a verse and chorus you kind of have the roadmap to where you’re headed.

FDP Forum / Performer's Corner / Pick up Gig last Saturday

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