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Mar 5th, 2019 08:59 PM   Edit   Profile  

First off I'm as guilty of this while soloing as anyone but for some reason it really irritates the crap out of me now. It's when people flip the pickup selector too early in prep for a new phrase while sustaining the note of the old. Also kicking on distortion or fx the same way in prep for an new phrase. Just finishing the phrase then switching is more polished and there is time to do it if you practice awareness of this.

Juice Nichols
Contributing Member

Panama City, FL

I'm just a dude, playing a dude...
Mar 6th, 2019 07:00 AM   Edit   Profile  

I used to play with a guy that always did what you describe. I wanted to tell him that it sounds a lot more musical if you hit your effect/PU selector switch etc. in time or before the start of the phrase you want the effect on.

Contributing Member

Silver Spring Md

Mar 6th, 2019 01:06 PM   Edit   Profile  

Funny Story related to this subject - a band I was in years ago played 'Badge'. Anyway, I played the segway part where the band stops and the guitar comes in with a heavily processed sound. The drummer mentioned that he thought it sounded a little wimpy in the past, so I was totally concentrating on 'dancing on my pedals' in that split second of silence; overdrive off, modulation on, switch pickups, volume boost on.
When it came time to play the part I had a HUGE brainfart and completely panicked and played something completely non-musical and totally unrelated to anything in the tune.
While the band had previously swore an oath that we would never acknowledge each others mistakes for the audience to see - this time all bets were off and they were all cracking up. After the song ended a couple of people in the crowd actually did a pretty good impromptu rendition of my flub.
It was embarrassingly funny as hell!

FDP Forum / Performer's Corner / Pet Peeve

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