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FDP Forum / FDP Classifieds - For Sale and Wanted ads / '64 Vibroverb - near mint, $5000

Dakota Red

USA southwest

luck is the residue of desire
Nov 25th, 2018 05:04 PM   Edit   Profile  

We never say "mint" about a vtg amp, but this is the closest to it any of you [or me] has ever seen. All codes on chassis, trannys, speaker, & tube chart confirm mid-'64. Chart's slightly faded, appears to me to be NI [Sept] tho' Nic Grablen of vtg Blk Face Fender group on f-bk thinks it's actually NF [June] based on all the other codes. Either way it's "correct" and original in every respect [incl grey 2-prong orig pwr cord] except some long-ago replaced leaker caps.
Amp comes with a custom-made Tuki cover as well as a perfect-fitting vtg Super Reverb Fender cover. I use both, maybe part of why it's in such great shape. I have the original/working/un-reconed 15" CTS speaker and a long-ago-reconed/period correct JBL D130F for it, your choice. It currently has the JBL in it, sounds fabulous tho' both are good-sounding & valuable speakers.

Vtg Fender amp expert Nic Grabien [F-bk fora]opined that the tube-chart stamp is actually "NF" [the F faded/looks like I] since some date-codes and "production 6" align with June '64. Either way it's a bona fide original '64 in spectacular condition.

I have exhaustive pix of exterior & all interior/components. I'll send any/all privately any further specifics to serious buyers. A craigslist link is included at the bottom with pix.

Please note: I greatly would prefer not to ship this amp and risk damage. My $5000 price includes face-to-face delivery-for-cash in the SW: ABQ, PHX, LA, or nearby environs. I appreciate not being nickle-& dimed - it is a bona fide rare/collectible amp that's in great working and superb cosmetic condition. Thanks in advance!


(This message was last edited by Dakota Red at 06:36 PM, Nov 26th, 2018)

FDP Forum / FDP Classifieds - For Sale and Wanted ads / '64 Vibroverb - near mint, $5000

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