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FDP Forum / Fender Amps: 1985 - Current / Modded Super Reverb Reissue - HELP



Aug 8th, 2018 09:40 AM   Edit   Profile  

Hey all,

i have been reading and learning so much on this forum but i still have some questions! :)

I got a Super Reverb Reissue (with 4 WGS Veteran 10's) and i love that amp but from the first day it had a brittle top end, way too much bass and muddy lower mids.

So i started to look into some mods (reading 12h a day almost lol), i cant do them myself yet but i have a good tech thats willing to do whatever i want.

The first thing i did to get rid of the muddy lower mids was to change the .022 to a .047 mid cap as the Twin has, totally did what i wanted it to do.

Regarding the Bass, i changed V2A+B to 2.2uF Cathode Caps and both PI Output caps to .022 which helped so much in the bass department, awesome bass cut but still not tight enough for me.

Regarding the treble, i changed the Treble cap to 330pf SilverMica (dont like 250pf much) but there still was this nasty treble content.

I learned about the 10pf cap at the Mixing Resistor, changed it to 10pf SilverMica which was better but nasty still compared to the noorml channel, so i clipped it and finally was a bit more happy with the treble.
(i might try a 10pf + 330K or 470K Resistor in series after i get the brittle top end sweeter for some sparkle on top)

Then i heared bout the Diaz Mods (just tried 2.7K not .068, wasnt really my thing a little compressed and more bright i find), but i really like the Solid State Rectifier (soldered diodes not plug in).

I also disconneted to Normal Channel and Tremolo completely and put a 20K Mid Pot in instead of the 10K which i really like to get phat mids if i want :)

Oh and i installed the Lamar/trainwreck typ 2 - 250K Dual Pot PPIMV with 2.2M Resistors. (i just use it to gently bring down voulme sometimes NOT for pre/pi overdrive so it sounds killer)

The amp sounds just awesome but i still desire two things, a more sweet/smooth topend and a tighter bass!

Right now i have 2x70uF Filter caps in, would 2x100uF be enough to make it tight? because i have the fear that it might get too stiff with 2x220uF caps.

And as i really like dumble/two rock cleans (but cant do the tonestack mod due to reissue pcb) would it help to bring my V2 plate voltage from 270V down to say 200V to sweeten up the tone/top end?

Does anyone btw have some other tips to get a more open 3d like tone? (Tubes ar all Nos btw with a GE Blackplate 50's 5751 in V2)

Help is greatly apreciated,

Johnny Ray

(This message was last edited by JohnnyRayJr at 02:53 PM, Aug 8th, 2018)

FDP Forum / Fender Amps: 1985 - Current / Modded Super Reverb Reissue - HELP

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