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FDP Forum / Miscellaneous and Non-Fender Topics / What major brand have you never had a desire to own?

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Contributing Member

USA/Taos, NM

Mar 5th, 2018 09:37 PM   Edit   Profile  

Same answer as the other thread...


Contributing Member

Hemet, SoCal

I detect the El Supremo
Mar 5th, 2018 11:27 PM   Edit   Profile  

I agree with Mr. Langford. I had a PRS some 20 years ago. It was a very high quality instrument with a beautiful #10 Black Cherry finish. However, it did nothing for me. I sold it when I was in Korea for way more than I paid for it. A win/win situation. No regrets.

Contributing Member

Paris, France

It's just a guitar, not rocket science.
Mar 6th, 2018 01:58 AM   Edit   Profile  

PRS. Beautiful guitars to look at, but I hate playing them.I do appreicate a nice Les Paul, and I can see myself one day owning a 339, but I have no need for it to be a Gibson.

Contributing Member


Too Much GAS
Mar 6th, 2018 04:18 AM   Edit   Profile  

Anything made by Mosrite. When I was in high school the music department bought a brand new Mosrite bass and it was the biggest piece of junk I have ever played for a name-brand product. It would have benefitted from a good setup but, we didn't know about that back then. The pickups were microphonic, it wouldn't stay in tune, etc. and IMO it was ugly as a Pug's butt. I have played some Mosrite guitars since then and they did nothing for me either.

FDP Data Goon

We all want

our time in hell
Mar 6th, 2018 05:52 AM   Edit   Profile  

I've never seen an ESP that made me care, not even if it was cheap.

Contributing Member


I say stuff
Mar 6th, 2018 06:13 AM   Edit   Profile  


Assuming they are a major brand in what it is they do. I’ve just never had any interest in their guitars.

Really, just about anything is on the table (to buy) if the price is right. I would buy something to try it - live with it for a while - if I thought I could get my money back out of it if it didn’t prove to be a keeper.

Contributing Member

Santee CA

I forgot my tagline
Mar 6th, 2018 06:38 AM   Edit   Profile  

Taylors. I don't care for the looks of their headstocks, bridges, and pickguards.

Soundwise I didn't care for them years ago, but they've been playing around with their bracing patterns in recent years. Some might actually sound good to me now.

Contributing Member


I say stuff
Mar 6th, 2018 06:57 AM   Edit   Profile  

I’m warming up to Taylor’s for the same reason.


Cypress, TX

I Dare To Be Different
Mar 6th, 2018 07:43 AM   Edit   Profile  

I've never had desire to own a Gibson electric. That said, I do own a J-45 Rosewood.


Rock Of Gibraltar

Thou Shalt Gas !
Mar 6th, 2018 09:02 AM   Edit   Profile  

PRS , had an SE for a few months hated it.

reverend mikey
Contributing Member

N of I-90, E of I-29

You're old. Then vintage. Then good!
Mar 6th, 2018 09:39 AM   Edit   Profile  


Any Shredder Guitar

Marshall - I guess since I've never owned one, I've never had enough desire (because I've owned lots of other stuff over the years - if I'd wanted one, I would'a bought one by now!). This would include some of the Marshall type amps - Orange, Hiwatt, Engl, etc.


Southwest Florida

Alone in my principles
Mar 6th, 2018 10:01 AM   Edit   Profile  

I never cared for Taylors either, but I needed an acoustic/electric for my band, and the only lefty GC had was a Taylor 114 CE. It's a very nice sounding guitar. I still prefer Martins, though.

(This message was last edited by LHW at 01:03 PM, Mar 6th, 2018)


LA-la-land, CA

Insert clever comment here
Mar 6th, 2018 12:22 PM   Edit   Profile  

Another for PRS. They can be nicely built, but they just don't do it for me.

Most Marshalls or Orange. Except for vintage Marshalls, they all sound fizzy to me.

Ovation acoustics.

Not the entire brand, but I've never had a desire for a Tubescreamer.

Contributing Member

California Escapee

Don't look at me with that tone of voice
Mar 6th, 2018 02:11 PM   Edit   Profile  

Gibsons, of any kind...

Contributing Member


I say stuff
Mar 6th, 2018 02:13 PM   Edit   Profile  

There was a time when I would have said “Telecaster.” I was ignorant back then.

Contributing Member

juneau ak.

If you must smoke, please smoke salmon!
Mar 7th, 2018 03:02 PM   Edit   Profile  

That's the problem, I desire to own everything.
I've even ended up with a guitar that has no brand name at all, just "Made in Japan" stamped on it. But it plays and sounds fine.

Other than most cheap quality starter guitars or guitars that are oddly shaped, or overtly gimmicky I'm down for anything, money, space, and time are my only constrains.

I'd say hands down though, Fender is by far the one brand that seams to pull it all together and has the products people use day in and day out. Their amps, Basses, guitars have pretty much been the building blocks for nearly every band around here and the few Ive been in. Seems everyone has used a P bass or J bass or a Tele or Strat and has used, or is using one of their amps, at lest at some point along the way. Still, there's probably a stray Laplander or Amazonian rain forest dweller who has not felt the urge to own a genuine Fender amp or guitar!

2 cents worth of my lunch break stream of consciousness.

Contributing Member


pronounced "Klinkhammer" in French
Mar 7th, 2018 08:48 PM   Edit   Profile  

Selmer Maccaferri. I played American Pie on a friend's once around a campfire, lost my pick in that big stupid soundhole and frankly, it sounded like ass.

Ramblin Rhodes

Sportsman's Paradise

Doin' Bruin
Mar 8th, 2018 02:36 AM   Edit   Profile  



Buckeye Country, USA

Tone is in the lingers
Mar 8th, 2018 06:27 AM   Edit   Profile  

Most of the brands that I've never owned were based on price. I've always felt that I could find something comparable for a better price.

The badge on a product has never been important to me. That's why many of my guitars are off-brands, and then I mod them to taste.

Contributing Member

North Gnarlyington

Mar 8th, 2018 12:07 PM   Edit   Profile  

PRS, mostly because of the headstock.

Anything MIC I try to avoid.

Also, had an Epiphone 20 years ago and hated it, so never again.

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FDP Forum / Miscellaneous and Non-Fender Topics / What major brand have you never had a desire to own?

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