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FDP Forum / Guitar Mods, Repairs, and Projects / taking things apart


New Jersey

I'm back with the otters again
Feb 5th, 2018 12:19 PM   Edit   Profile  

Does anyone have any really cool techniques for taking apart a complicated device and keeping track of which screws go where? I replaced the screen on my apple 4S iphone about six times before it finally died. In the end, there were a few screws missing but that didn't lead to its demise. Now I need to take apart a Mac iBook to replace the fan. I'm thinking about using double-sided tape on an 8X10 sheet and making a map of the laptop while I do it. Other ideas include using foam posterboard and poking holes in it.

If I get some good ideas, I'll post a vid on how my uncle showed me the ultimate cool way to store a 100+ ft extension cord that guarantees that it will never become tangled up. Its really good although it'll upset people who don't understand it.

Moderator Emeritus
(with many stars)

NW Pennsylvania

Feb 5th, 2018 02:31 PM   Edit   Profile  

I poke them into a piece of cardboard.

Contributing Member

Pueblo, Co

Pulu si bagumba!
Feb 5th, 2018 02:54 PM   Edit   Profile  

I use a sailors loop or whatever its called. Looks like a bunch of figure eights when yer done.

Contributing Member

Lisle, IL USA

That's what she said!
Feb 5th, 2018 03:13 PM   Edit   Profile  

Use a magnetic pan and keep the screws bunched together by type.

Contributing Member

Tried vegetarian:

miss steak.
Feb 6th, 2018 03:20 AM   Edit   Profile  

Set up your dumbfone on a little tripod pointed at your work and video the disassembly.

Overhead, straight down, is even better.

Styrofoam is good to stick the screws into. Keep them in like-sized groups. A piece of duct tape, sticky-side up, also works great. I used to use magnets, but many tech products these days use non-ferrous fasteners.

If you run into a jam on reassembly, review the vid.

Short of that, a few pics during disassembly can often save your bacon.

Contributing Member

Broke Down

in the Brassicas
Feb 6th, 2018 04:50 AM   Edit   Profile  

Peegoo beat me to the video suggestion, but when I first took a laptop apart about a year ago there was a video already up on YouTube, might be worth a look for yours. And mine only had 3 types of screws with obvious placements so everything went in a jar. Sorry I don't have anything more creative.



Feb 6th, 2018 09:09 AM   Edit   Profile  

Small parts with any springyness behind them are undoubtedly going to fly across the room never to be seen again, so undo them inside a large plastic bag. There's then a chance any bids for freedom will be curtailed.


New Jersey

I'm back with the otters again
Feb 6th, 2018 02:06 PM   Edit   Profile  

I ended using a pieces from a cardboard box. I drew outlines and wrote little notes. Lots and lots of little 2mm screws that varied in length so the right screw needed to go back into the right hole. All together I needed three 8X10 sheets to keep things organized.

The real frogman knows what I'm talking about for the extension cord thingy. I got to do a youtube vid.

Contributing Member

Tried vegetarian:

miss steak.
Feb 6th, 2018 08:58 PM   Edit   Profile  

That’s a chain stitch. I prefer the ‘roadie wrap’ for extension cords, but the chain stitch is better than wrapping around your hand and elbow.

Look here at 11:30

uncle stack-knob
Contributing Member

united kingdom

Feb 7th, 2018 08:34 AM   Edit   Profile  

You could colour code the screw heads with, say,a Sharpie or three,take some closeups,and store the small items in a small jar like watchmakers use.

Contributing Member


Feb 7th, 2018 07:26 PM   Edit   Profile  

You can also cut the lid off of an egg container and use that to sort and store small fasteners as you work.

(This message was last edited by Peegoo at 09:27 PM, Feb 7th, 2018)

FDP Forum / Guitar Mods, Repairs, and Projects / taking things apart

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