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FDP Forum / Moe's Tavern (_8^(I) / Nuts over Nutella

Contributing Member

Southern Calif

Jan 28th, 2018 12:30 PM   Edit   Profile  

Anyone here ever tried this "Nutella" spread that's made the news lately?
I've seen it on my local grocery store shelves, but I've never tried it.

"Some 365 million kilos of Nutella, a hazelnut chocolate spread, is consumed every year in 160 countries around the world."

Spread the word

Contributing Member


Clawhammer Rules!
Jan 28th, 2018 12:50 PM   Edit   Profile  

Not a fan, but I'm not big on hazelnut flavor in anything.

Contributing Member

Who's we sucka?

Smith, Wesson and me.
Jan 28th, 2018 12:51 PM   Edit   Profile  

It's really good on Tide Pods.

Chris Greene
FDP Host

Idaho, USA

Nine mile skid on a ten mile ride
Jan 28th, 2018 12:54 PM   Edit   Profile  

We went through a phase about 20 years ago. Now, I can't stand the stuff.

Contributing Member

Bogue Falaya River

is STILL dark and cold.
Jan 28th, 2018 03:23 PM   Edit   Profile  


Contributing Member

State of Jefferson

Jan 28th, 2018 05:07 PM   Edit   Profile  

My daughters love the stuff, not me.

Inexcusable slime. Excellent substitute for Spackle.. not unlike hummus.

Contributing Member

Staten Island, NY

Our resident rational liberal
Jan 28th, 2018 05:09 PM   Edit   Profile  

I like it in baked goods.

Contributing Member

juneau ak.

If you must smoke, please smoke salmon!
Jan 28th, 2018 09:20 PM   Edit   Profile  

It's a break from the boring old PBJ sandwich's that get packed in my kids school lunch. He also likes spreading it on pancakes sometimes instead of syrup, and likes to alter his plain Vanilla ice cream by adding a few spoon fulls of the stuff and mixing it up. We probably go through a couple jars a year around here.

Contributing Member

Northeast IL

Not very bright but does lack ambition
Jan 29th, 2018 06:08 AM   Edit   Profile  

Not sure why it’s hot all of a sudden, it’s been around for years in Europe.

Contributing Member

Montreal, Canada

Jan 30th, 2018 02:32 PM   Edit   Profile  

Thick sugar goo with a bit of colour and flavour added.

Toxic sugar content.

No wonder diabetes and extreme obesity rule.

Contributing Member

Staten Island, NY

Our resident rational liberal
Jan 30th, 2018 02:50 PM   Edit   Profile  

I like the commercials where they say its good for you because its made with real cocoa powder and skim milk. Might as well eat the whole tub with a spoon, its so healthy.

Contributing Member

Mass., Amerika

CO2 ... is there anything it can't do?
Jan 30th, 2018 03:17 PM   Edit   Profile  

Am I the only one who recalls the joke about the NBA player who falls in love with a midget?

Contributing Member

Northern VA

The Fine Line Between Clever & Stupid
Jan 30th, 2018 07:40 PM   Edit   Profile  

Remember, Jerry Lewis is a "genius" over there too...

Contributing Member

Memphis, TN

Jan 30th, 2018 07:52 PM   Edit   Profile  

I've had Nutella on my nu.., oops, er, ah..

Will you just look at the time ?

Gotta go.

(This message was last edited by Stratmanx at 09:54 PM, Jan 30th, 2018)

FDP Forum / Moe's Tavern (_8^(I) / Nuts over Nutella

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