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FDP Forum / FDP Classifieds - For Sale and Wanted ads / FS: 1996 Fender Custom Shop 58' Coppercaster Strat


Roseville, CA

Jul 29th, 2017 09:13 AM   Edit   Profile  

1996 Fender Custom Shop 58' "Coppercaster" Strat

There have been several CopperCaster "one-offs" and 2 known Custom Shop series of guitars (a run of 30, and a run of 40) in the 1996-1997 period. The loaded body of this guitar is from the November 1996 run of 30.


2006 MIM Robert Cray Neck
1996 Fender Custom Shop 1958 reissue, 2 piece ash body, in Copper Metallic
Fat 50's pickups
8lbs 5 oz


I actually own both #19 and #20 from the same run. After I found the first guitar (#19), I found a gentleman on this forum interested in selling #20 around 2005. Unfortunately, he was insistent on keeping the neck, but was willing to sell me the rest of the guitar. So I have the COA, neckplate, etc. In regard to the COA, this guitar is one of the rare "CooperCaster" misspellings that left the Custom Shop for this run (there are 2-3 at least that I have seen over the years accidentally spelled Cooper, instead of Copper, and not corrected--#19 is spelled correctly BTW). As for the guitar, I was trying to find a 50's/57ri neck to put on it when I happened upon the Robert Cray MIM neck. It feels so nice, that its been on it ever since. Frets are in great shape and the guitar is very bright and lively. It has lived most of the time in a case since (I hardly get to play it).

The condition of the body itself is like new. There are only one or two faint hair scratches on the paint and absolutely zero dings! Its in better condition that many NEW instruments you'll find at a music shop.

As far as I can tell the body of #20 is all original except for the following:

The volume/tone knobs that came with it look to be original, but appear to have been intentionally aged because they are a little darker than normal cream/aged knobs on the top and proper color underneath (they will be included). I replaced them with correct parchment colored knobs.

The white pickguard is correct hole pattern AllParts/Fender aftermarket from the 90's. The original Custom Shop anodized gold aluminum guard that came with the guitar will be included.

Guitar didn't come with a tremolo backplate. The one on there now (previously clipped to facilitate easier string removal) came from a mid 90's '57 Reissue (so its period correct for the instrument).

The MIM Robert Cray Neck is in great shape. One of the tuners is a little loose, but otherwise, excellent

Guitar comes with Custom Shop Cert + older, well-worn, official Fender tweed gig bag.

Asking $1700 OBO plus actual shipping.

Would consider partial trade and cash (either way) for:
*MIM Bass VI
*Boutique ptp 3 Spring Outboard Reverb Tank.
*Tone King Imperial MkII
*Pedal Steel
*ES 335/355 or Heritage equivalent

I have a bunch of detailed pics and would be happy to answer any questions you may have.



(This message was last edited by TriggerFingers at 12:45 PM, May 11th, 2018)


Roseville, CA

May 11th, 2018 10:49 AM   Edit   Profile  



Roseville, CA

Nov 1st, 2018 09:55 AM   Edit   Profile  


Wanted to reiterate, I'd also consider trades/trades+cash for...

*an ES-335/355 style guitar (Gibson/Heritage)
*a Tone King Imperial MKII

FDP Forum / FDP Classifieds - For Sale and Wanted ads / FS: 1996 Fender Custom Shop 58' Coppercaster Strat

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