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FDP Forum / Guitar Mods, Repairs, and Projects / Tele Bridge Suggestions



Go Buckeyes!
Jun 20th, 2017 05:49 PM   Edit   Profile  

I'm in the early stages of putting together a parts Tele. As far as bridges, I want to go with a Tele bridge with three adjustable saddles.

I don't want to go with a modern, six saddle bridge (already have a few of those and want to explore the classic three saddle Tele thing).

I also don't want to go all the way vintage with the three, straight saddles that you can't intonate.

So I'm looking for suggestions for any of the three saddle varieties that are either already offset to aid intonation or are somehow adjustable. I know a few companies make some, but I've sort of lost track of all the ins and outs.

So please, any suggestions? Reasons why?

Te 52

Laws of Physics

strictly enforced
Jun 20th, 2017 08:39 PM   Edit   Profile  

Get a Wilkinson compensated Tele bridge with the ramp-compensated brass saddles. Guitarfetish.com has them for around $30, lower still on eBay.

(This message was last edited by Te 52 at 11:44 AM, Jun 21st, 2017)

Mick Reid
Contributing Member


American-made in Oz!!
Jun 20th, 2017 11:17 PM   Edit   Profile  

"Get a Wilkinson compensated Tele bridge..."

+1 on the Wilkinson compensated bridge.

I have one on my MIM Standard. Intonates just fine without any drastic compromise.

I paid more than 30 bucks for mine here in AUS but still worth it.


It's not just good..

...it's good enough.
Jun 21st, 2017 06:29 AM   Edit   Profile  

I put that Wilkinson unit on my homebrew Tele.
If/when I do another Tele build, I'll get the same one.

Contributing Member

So. Cal. USA

Jun 21st, 2017 09:24 AM   Edit   Profile  

+4 on the Wilkinson. Very nice for the money and a great looking piece too.

Contributing Member

I walk

between the raindrops
Jun 21st, 2017 02:48 PM   Edit   Profile  

Agreed. The quality of the parts and the plating is first class on the Wilkinson (made under license by Sung Il).

And the price is amazingly good too.

This thing. Good stuff!

(This message was last edited by Peegoo at 04:48 PM, Jun 21st, 2017)


North Wales

over the hills and far away
Jun 22nd, 2017 07:13 AM   Edit   Profile  

another vote for wilkinson, have one on a relic partscaster, intonates perfectly.

partscaster with wilkinson bridge

(This message was last edited by steve_crocker at 09:17 AM, Jun 22nd, 2017)

Te 52

Laws of Physics

strictly enforced
Jun 22nd, 2017 11:52 AM   Edit   Profile  

If you want your bridge to say "Fender" on it, you can buy a genuine Fender Tele bridge plate (link) and fit it with the Wilkinson ramp-compensated saddles. They're both available independently.


Contributing Member

Memphis, TN

Jun 22nd, 2017 01:33 PM   Edit   Profile  

I've got Callaham bridges and saddles on a few of my Tele's.

Pretty expensive, but I really like them.

Are they better than the Wilkinson tonewise ?

More than likely your not going to notice a significant difference after going thru your pedals and amp.

The custom pine Tele on the bottom is sporting a Callaham with the compensated steel saddles.

I like the extra bite of the steel vs brass.




Go Buckeyes!
Jun 22nd, 2017 02:04 PM   Edit   Profile  

I noticed that Stew-Mac sells what appears to be the tele bridge with compensated saddles for about $60 while Guitar Fetish seems to sell the same thing for about $30.

Are they indeed the same?





Go Buckeyes!
Jun 22nd, 2017 02:11 PM   Edit   Profile  

Anybody have familiarity with this one from Hipshot?

Saddles are compensated brass, which is nice.

But it looks like the base plate is stainless and possibly thicker than usual.

Hipshot Bridge

M Tracy
Contributing Member

Lafayette IN

Jun 22nd, 2017 02:37 PM   Edit   Profile  

Stew-Mac vs GFS. I think the Stew-Mac bridge is made by Gotoh and the saddles rotate to adjust intonation individually, I'm going from memory so I could be wrong. The GFS has the ramps so intonation is still adjusted in pairs. I'm not familiar with that Hipshot bridge but everything of there's I've used has been top notch. Unless you use a weird gauge of strings or need strobe tuner accurate intonation, I'd go with the GFS.

FDP Forum / Guitar Mods, Repairs, and Projects / Tele Bridge Suggestions

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