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FDP Forum / Home Recording Forum / NDRD: Tascam DP24SD


Robbinsville, NJ

what do you mean the bass is too loud?
Mar 13th, 2017 01:05 PM   Edit   Profile  

Ok, little over a month since I received my
DP24D. For some reason, it was on the 'Stupid-
Deal-of-the-day' on our portal website Musician's Friend, for $300 !!!!!!

I had been using an Akai DP16 for umpteen years,
and it was great. But the Tascam seems a huge
jump ahead in clarity and transparency of
recording, plus I can easily transfer wav files
to/from PC using the SD card, a huge convenience.

Anyone else loving this machine?

oldFartBassPlayer Walt

(This message was last edited by wborys at 03:07 PM, Mar 13th, 2017)

Contributing Member


Mar 13th, 2017 01:16 PM   Edit   Profile  

I never made it to the digital portastudios. I had the first cassette 4 track which I paid over a grand for around 1979. Then I got the Tascam 8 track cassette in the early 90's. I think that was close to grand too. Amazing how cheap and more functional these things are these days.



Mar 13th, 2017 02:24 PM   Edit   Profile  

I would have bought a DP24 by now, but Tascam stopped offering it.

The DP24SD does NOT have:
1) A CD drive/burner (which I could live without, and
2) A MIDI port to sync up a drum machine.

Why on God's green earth third rock from the sun Tascam omitted these two things (especially the MIDI) when they already had the design is beyond me.

In fact, Tascam does not offer a "porta studio" any more with these two things.

But if you can live with what the DP24SD offers, IMO it's an unbelievable deal.

Contributing Member

Manchester, TN

12,423 Mustangs passed and counting
Oct 4th, 2017 08:50 PM   Edit   Profile  

I have the DP-32SD that I also got a few years ago on a SDOTD offering, I think it was about $400. I don't care about the CD drive/burner thing, I don't think I ever used that on my Boss BR-900 anyway.
There are some things I like about the Boss better, mainly familiarity and the drum loops that were available, but I still think the Tascam is way ahead of it, despite being old technology already. Just wish I had more time to get the hang of this thing!

FDP Data Goon

We all want

our time in hell
Oct 4th, 2017 10:46 PM   Edit   Profile  

They're solid units, I have a couple clients who use them for recording the band. No complaints with the file quality they're sending me - the Tascam stuff still sounds good (I'm using one of their sixteen track PC interfaces myself), is relatively bulletproof for what it is.

For my own use, I need more ins at a time and record straight to the computer anyway.

That's part of why Tascam (and other folks) still making these standalones aren't really chasing MIDI and all in one everything - past mixing and a certain amount of mastering and effects, most folks wanting *more* will go DAW-based stuff.

Contributing Member

Washington DC

Nov 3rd, 2017 12:46 PM   Edit   Profile  

I've had a DP24SD for three years and am using it now to record an album of my original songs. So far so good, though I am not an expert.

For drums, I am going to use a computer based drum machine sometimes, importing wav files into the DP24. At other times, I plan to record a live drummer.



Nov 4th, 2017 09:54 AM   Edit   Profile  

tiller2: Regarding using the computer based drum machine, your comment got me thinking. How do you plan on lining up the drum tracks with other prerecorded tracks?

Once you start a song, you decide on a tempo, That's it. You won't be able to change it after that (which is OK).

Moving forward............

There is no way to sync up the drum machine to the DP24 since there is no MIDI.

What to do?

You can generate a drum arrangement with the drum machine. You can then import the tracks into the DP24.

Then you start recording other instruments.

At some point you are probably going to want to change the drums later. You would create a new set of tracks in the drum machine. Then you'd import them into the DP24.

Hopefully, they'd sync up. If not, you could use the DP24 digital editing cut/paste/etc to line the start point up with the other instruments.

However, for this to work, the clock in the drum machine would need to be stable and very accurate from day to day to week to month. If not, you could line the new drums up successfully at the start of the song. But if the new drum track tempo was different by even an itsy bitsy amount, it would eventually be out of sync/time again with the other recorded instruments, and you could end up doing a lot of digital editing to try to line things up.

Is this your game plan?
Have you actually done it?
Has it worked?

Contributing Member

Washington DC

Nov 4th, 2017 04:38 PM   Edit   Profile  

My plan, for most songs, is to create a complete drum (kit) track and import it as a wav. file first, then record the rest of the tracks live, without the metronome.

Only once have I imported a wav. track--a vocal--to add to a song. Getting it synched is tricky; currently the vocal rides very slightly behind the beat, because I missed the starting point by a hair. A hopeful fact is that the lag doesn't seem to change throughout the song. I plan to just save the vocal as a series of virtual tracks, each one a little earlier...

(This message was last edited by tiller2 at 06:38 PM, Nov 4th, 2017)



Why do I keep fixing things that work?
Nov 4th, 2017 08:07 PM   Edit   Profile  

If you have recording software for your computer, can't you import all your tracks there and export back to the multi-track recorded?
This way you would see all of the tracks and be able to sync everything and with everything having a designated track, you can control all levels and/or master it from there.
Doesn't the unit have software for your computer so that you can monitor all the buses? Therefore be able to duplicate the entire scene and edit your tracks.
Mine has a video output that allows for this purpose. It would be nice to be able to do this and properly control all levels/tracks.
Anyway, you should be able to do something like this and have control over the recording and sync all parts.
Just a thought. ......

Contributing Member

Washington DC

Nov 5th, 2017 08:32 AM   Edit   Profile  

Thanks Cal-Woody--and thanks, wbory, for this thread. I do not have recording software for my computer and the Tascam didn't come with any. I realize I might have to go that way but turned to the Tascam to simplify part of the many-faceted recording process, as I focused on songwriting, singing, and getting more competent on guitar and other instruments.

I haven't had to worry about interfaces and recording lag, for example. I do wish they included a drum machine or MIDI, however.

All the tips here are helpful as I try to get the most out of my current tech and judge when I should make the jump to a computer based DAW.

(This message was last edited by tiller2 at 10:34 AM, Nov 5th, 2017)


Robbinsville, NJ

what do you mean the bass is too loud?
Mar 8th, 2018 05:55 PM   Edit   Profile  

whenever I have to import/export tracks into a mix, I try to make sure all have the same sync 'tick' imprinted on each track before the song starts. That way, I can reimport a drum, and
have a precise mark to shift the track to mix.

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