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FDP Forum / The Chop Shop / 3 weeks to "git sumptin done"

Steve M
Contributing Member


Dec 20th, 2016 07:32 PM   Edit   Profile  

Semester break starts as soon as I wade through a pile of grading.

Like many, i have left the guitars idle too long and was never good.

So let's assume starting from pretty much zero.

What should i do in three weeks to feel like its worth it to continue to practice and to feel real progress.

Assume an hour a day.

Contributing Member

I say 'no' to drugs

They never listen
Dec 21st, 2016 03:37 PM   Edit   Profile  

Hard to say, because what's your current level? When I'm away from the guitar for a while, I get back into it by learning a few new songs--some stuff I've never played before. I listen to the recording, work out the chords and fills, and develop a solo section for it. This exercise does a few things.

- Tunes up my ear because I have to really listen to what's going on in the song--harmonically and rhythmically

- There are usually new chord forms and voicings I can add to my bag

- It adds new material to my big book o' tunes

Give it a try. It's also fun because it's not practicing boring scales.

Steve M
Contributing Member


Dec 21st, 2016 07:01 PM   Edit   Profile  

Assume a low, rusty base. I'm thinking it's back to scales to regain muscle memory, but if anyone has been in this spot, I'm open to suggestions.

Mick Reid
Contributing Member


American-made in Oz!!
Dec 21st, 2016 07:31 PM   Edit   Profile  

Depending on when you first started learning, learning nowadays is *so* much different than "back in the day".

There are so many great resources (youtube for one) that never used to be there. Even if your looking at starting with basic scales again, there'll be videos for you.
I also bet you'll be surprised how much you remember once you get stuck back into it.

I was a late bloomer. I didn't start playing guitar seriously until 2007 when I was 45! (I had been singing and playing blues harp for 25 years though). My point is it's never too late to start over, and *now* is a good time to be doing it!

Good luck & have fun!

Steve M
Contributing Member


Dec 21st, 2016 08:34 PM   Edit   Profile  

Guitar tricks . Com looks reasonable

Any experience?

Contributing Member

Cincinnati, Ohio

Jan 21st, 2017 05:39 AM   Edit   Profile  

I've been a subscriber for about 8 years. In addition to their Core Learning System they have a good number of song lessons in their library. I consider myself to be a "visual learner". They do a good job of breaking down all the guitar parts of a song. I find this to be very helpful.

Contributing Member

Bogue Falaya River

is STILL dark and cold.
Jan 21st, 2017 06:34 AM   Edit   Profile  

So, it's been three weeks. In fact, it's been over a month now.

So how did it go?

Mick Reid
Contributing Member


American-made in Oz!!
Jan 22nd, 2017 01:32 AM   Edit   Profile  

Yeah, you got calluses now?

FDP Forum / The Chop Shop / 3 weeks to "git sumptin done"

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