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FDP Forum / The 'Pup' Tent / A Few Good Guitars and a Few Good Pickup Sets



Oct 10th, 2016 03:26 PM   Edit   Profile  

I am 55 years old and have been playing since the age of 15. Long break, after college bar/club band scene in the 80's for marriage and the kids/career and started playing again 15 years ago and currently in a "middle aged" pop-rock band.

Started buying a few Strats between 2005-2008 and ended up currently with 2; the 2006 Anniversary American Series with 57/62 pups (rosewood neck) and the 2006 Anniversary Mexi-Standard with upgraded Texas Specials from a few years ago (on the maple neck).

Was missing the humbucker crunch sound and bought an LTD full thickness Eclipse (mahogany body-neck with maple cap) this past January that came with Dimazio 36th Anniversary PAFs.

Been playing the Eclipse alot the past several months and the guitar just sings both clean and distorted and a joy to play like a Les Paul type guitar should (for classic rock and nice clean work). On the other hand, the AMSE with the 57/62's is just killer for clean strat tones (love the quack) and the Mexi with the Specials just kills for the Blues.

I have very good ears and worked both a recording studio manager, artist manager, then music attorney in the 80's & 90's and I think I know good tone when I hear it. Now waiting on retirement in the next few years to open a small club/bar and focus on good live music and hopefully either listening to great music or playing onstage.

Just noting after being on this forum for years, and appreciating GAS that so many of us have, that I have just realized after all these years that all it takes is one good guitar and a good amp to create your own tonal bliss; for the younger players, forget what your friends and others are buying out there........Find the one or two guitars that really play well and float your boat, get some nice pups that float your boat, and dream an follow your own ship.

Think Gilmour with the Black Strat or Rodgers with the Hitmaker...................I could not be happier with my current guitars and switch them out depending on what songs we are doing and I actually got tears in my eyes the other day on the neck pup on the Eclipse busting through an old Allman Brother's tune with the band when the notes and tone just kept on hitting the sweet spot..........Some old man tears.

Contributing Member

USA/Taos, NM

Oct 10th, 2016 03:58 PM   Edit   Profile  

"...all it takes is one good guitar and a good amp to create your own tonal bliss..."

"...Find the one or two guitars that really play well and float your boat..."

"...I could not be happier with my current guitars ..."

Ditto. Definitely the spot I'm in (at 66 years old). I rarely buy more stuff. Studied deliberately what I was looking for, managed to find it, and now (for many years) am very satisfied with the quality of instruments (very few) I have and the tones they (along with me) produce. It doesn't take much.

And another benefit is available discretionary funds for things like savings, charity, etc. Good combo all around, IMO.

Modal Magic

MBJ, Highway Hound.

You Can't Bend It Aussie!
Oct 10th, 2016 06:31 PM   Edit   Profile  

Not much help if one has an addiction. I found "the" guitar probably about 22 guitars ago. I consider all my guitars to be "the" guitar. Love 'em all and find it hard to part with any of them. I wish I could settle on fewer guitars; a Les Paul (a Traditional), a Strat (an American Standard), an Ibanez (S-Series) and a Tele (Vintage style) should do it but it doesn't.


Atlanta, GA USA

"Life is good when you love your tone."
Oct 16th, 2016 10:30 PM   Edit   Profile  

I think I've hit that spot. I haven't had GAS in quite a few years. I will admit to having a couple Strat projects still in the works, but I have also let go of 3 future Strat projects simply because I lost interest in completing them. I'm very happy with the Strats and amps I now have and can get all the tones I crave from them. Of course, I do have 12 Strats...

super mario
Contributing Member


tone to the bone no other way
Oct 25th, 2016 06:56 AM   Edit   Profile  

Good to see you chiming in SMark.

For me I think I am close to this same place that celius mentioned as well. Have an '07 MIM Standard Tele w/all Maple neck that recently "reinstalled" Texas Specials in with the StewMac primo-4way switching system. Everything from good Tele bite in the bridge to bucker type warmth in position 4. Have a '95 Strat with stock mid-to-late '80's Amer Standard flat pole pickups with all maple neck that is just plain ol'sweet to the ears in all positions. Also a have a Peavey Firenza with Kent Armstrong Stealth 90's in it. These are the ones I use most in my church playing along with the Jan '64 Fender Princeton and small pedal board...a combo that is portable and just down right fun to play.

Contributing Member

Murrells Inlet, SC

So, so you think you can tell.
Feb 5th, 2017 02:37 PM   Edit   Profile  

I guess that's what it's all about celius, good for you. BTW I'm also 55 and started playing way too late, besides some noodling in the 70s.

I bought a PRS SE custom 24 a couple years ago, changed the pups out to Dimarzio 36s.

FDP Forum / The 'Pup' Tent / A Few Good Guitars and a Few Good Pickup Sets

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