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FDP Forum / Fender Amps: 1985 - Current / Blues Jr. x 2?



Jun 8th, 2016 11:10 AM   Edit   Profile   Print Topic   Search Topic

What is the general consensus regarding using two Blues Jr. to play gigs where one simply won't do? Has anyone tried this?
I am lugging around a Peavey Delta Blues 15 for outdoor gigs and at my age, weight is becoming a factor. We mike all our amps so having an amp on stage is primarily for monitoring purposes since I prefer hearing the sound of my amps over whatever a sound-guy chooses to send me by way of wedges. I love low-power combos but they can be hard to hear over a powerful drummer.
I considered a Mustang III for its versatility and portability but would prefer keeping it simple. Any input/suggestions?
Thanks guys!

Contributing Member


Jun 8th, 2016 01:29 PM   Edit   Profile   Print Topic   Search Topic

I've used one of my 63 Vibroverb RI combos as my main amp on stage and used my tweed BJ NOS as a monitor for our drummer.

Of course if an adequate monitor system is provided by the venue, you don't need to use a 2nd amp for monitoring purposes.

My band is playing at a festival this weekend and I'm going to bring my Blues Jr., just in case it's needed as a monitor.



Jun 8th, 2016 01:44 PM   Edit   Profile   Print Topic   Search Topic

Thanks for the reply and you're right, ideally I should not be concerned with hearing my on-stage amp provided there are some decent stage monitors. It may very well be a control issue... There have been too many times where what I was hearing coming from the monitors did not even remotely resemble the sound I dialed in on my amp. So I guess what I was really asking is whether two BJ's would adequately cover my need volume-wise. I've never played with a two-amp setup and while one could apply Spinal Tap logic and assume that it would be twice as loud, I am sure it's not really that simple...

Contributing Member


Jun 8th, 2016 02:21 PM   Edit   Profile   Print Topic   Search Topic

I used both of my 63 Vibroverb RI combos at a gig once and it was very loud (these amps are 40 watts with 2x10s).

I think running 2 Blues Jr's would sound great, depending on where you place them on stage. You might as well give it a go.



Jun 9th, 2016 03:49 PM   Edit   Profile   Print Topic   Search Topic

Thanks 5strats, I appreciate your input and will give it a try. Cheers.


on the rhine

Jun 9th, 2016 04:12 PM   Edit   Profile   Print Topic   Search Topic


Yes, I´m sure it would sound great!
Plus - you always have a backup-amp on hand!

I´ve tried this (running two amps at once) a couple of times, but didn´t stick to it...
It was WAY louder than I thought it would be, and it kind of confused me, as I was so used to hearing my sound come from ONE place instead of two ;-) - but it sure was fun to try!

cheers - C.


Northern Ireland

Sep 2nd, 2016 07:22 AM   Edit   Profile   Print Topic   Search Topic

I ran two Blues Jnrs for a couple of years on stage. I used one so that the band and I could hear me, and the other so the audience could hear me. I thought it was a great setup. I loved the sound providing high volume wasn't needed.

Eventually I move to an AC30 because, although the spread of sound was much better, the volume of the two amps is only very slightly louder than a single amp. A 30W amp, by contrast, is much, much louder.

Contributing Member


England's Sloppiest Guitarist
Sep 2nd, 2016 01:02 PM   Edit   Profile   Print Topic   Search Topic

I saw Warner B. Hodges a few years back, playing through two Pro Jnrs. Smallish venue, three piece band, sounded great.

Also, the MIII is as simple as can be, if you want it to be. They're terrific amps. I played mine at the local buskers night last night and was complimented by a multi-international-award-winning guitarist.

FDP Forum / Fender Amps: 1985 - Current / Blues Jr. x 2?

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