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FDP Forum / Fender Amps: 1985 - Current / Blues Jr III Speaker Upgrade

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Contributing Member

Oceanside, CA

Jun 1st, 2016 01:23 PM   Edit   Profile  

My mistake, I read it wrong and was thinking HRD. I have used Jensen C12Ns that sounded good in the blues jr. The WGS G12C is another good sounding speaker with good bottom and sweet highs.



Jun 2nd, 2016 07:30 AM   Edit   Profile  

I had not considered WGS but will look at their G12C and G12C/S. Seems the C/S may have more bottom.

Does anyone ahve experience with EM12, Delta 12a, Commonwwealth and Swamp Thang and know if they fit in a BJ3?

Thank yuou.

Contributing Member

Oceanside, CA

Jun 2nd, 2016 08:22 AM   Edit   Profile  

The G12C has plenty of bottom end and better highs than the C/S model.


on the rhine

Jun 2nd, 2016 05:01 PM   Edit   Profile  

Hi Reus!

I´m with champster on this one - the WGS G12C is a very, very nice sounding speaker for Fender-style amps, and it doens´t lack bottom-end at all ;-)

It´s quite loud and heavy, though, but it seems like that´s what you´re after ;-)

cheers - C.



Jun 3rd, 2016 07:05 AM   Edit   Profile  

Thanks for the suggestion. I will try one this week end as a friend of a friend has one in a BD.

Moderator Emeritus
(with many stars)

NW Pennsylvania

Jun 3rd, 2016 10:29 AM   Edit   Profile  

Here's a good read.

External link



Jun 3rd, 2016 07:15 PM   Edit   Profile  

Thanks Pinetree. Great site. Now I know the Swamp Thang fits in a BJ3. Anyone knows if Delta Pro 12a, EM12 or Commonwealth fit?



Jun 4th, 2016 08:37 PM   Edit   Profile  

Tried the G12c. It is an improvement over the stock speaker. It is breaking up earlier than I wish and lacks deep lows and fullness. So far Swamp Thang or another G12k are leading. Still interested in anyone's experience with EM12, Delta pro 12a or Commonwealth in a BJ3. Thx



Jun 7th, 2016 05:30 PM   Edit   Profile  

Thanks you all. Tried a Wizard yesterday, liked it and found one on CL for $40. Installed it this morning and so far loving it. Great bass and presence in the mids. Rolling off the treble a bit and still chimes. Will stick with this one for a while.


Northern CT - USA

"We're not University material."
Aug 16th, 2016 09:51 PM   Edit   Profile  

I was swapping speakers around with some other amps and cabs and had a leftover Emi CRex 8 ohm speaker. Put it in my BJ and it sounds great. Nice upgrade over the stock speaker. Good balance. 50 watts so lots of clean headroom when needed. Nice low end and an overall warmer tone.
Got a CRex in my DRRI too. It may not be the perfect choice for the BJ, but it works well for me. She's stayin' in there.

Contributing Member

better living

through chemistry!
Aug 17th, 2016 06:09 PM   Edit   Profile  

Weber California - a favorite of mine for that amp and DRRI's, too. Edit to add: Choose a paper dust cover. Al is too bright for a Fender.

(This message was last edited by Fritz_D_Cat at 08:39 PM, Jul 25th, 2018)


usa metro detroit

Aug 17th, 2016 08:16 PM   Edit   Profile  

having read a lot of people use a Canabis Rex I put one in.

50watts 12"
It's sensitivity is 101.5 (super efficient) and Usable Frequency Range of 80 Hz - 4.5 kHz its a pretty versatile speaker. (pretty wide speaker as far as frequencies goes)

IMO.. made of hemp, the CRex is a little on the bass side of things (I think that's good thing for that size cabinet) It's really articulate and clear doesn't have a harsh/brash frequency. I play with Telecasters which can be harsh/brash the nature of the Crex parred with my Blues Jr it's really hard to crank out harsh/brash tones, even if I try.

I'm satisfied. Maybe there is a better speaker but probably not much better, hence IMO not worth the search..I'm leaving it in, it adds to the character of the amp

I use the amp as a pedal platform for small coffee house gigs... which it does really well.

Really like them (i.e. speaker and amp)

(This message was last edited by pcalu at 10:21 PM, Aug 17th, 2016)



Sep 7th, 2017 08:56 AM   Edit   Profile  

I have the NOS Tweed with the Jensen C12N in it and absolutely love the sound I get. I'm not changing a ting on mine! It's a tone machine for days!

Contributing Member

San Antonio, TX

Glad that's over
Feb 27th, 2018 05:27 AM   Edit   Profile  

I replaced th Jenson P12R in my BJ Relic with the Cannabis Rex and it sounds great now.


usa metro detroit

Feb 27th, 2018 08:09 PM   Edit   Profile  

18 mehohm... The Jensen P12R is a great speaker. Not much I don't like about Jensens. But I agree It might be too bright for a Blues JR.

Eminence is another company I like a lot. Along with Jensens, I have Eminence in a few of my amps.

Both those two companies IMO make the Best American sounding speakers on the market. I huge into American tones.


Scottsdale, AZ

Jun 3rd, 2018 06:44 PM   Edit   Profile  

I have two BJ and have tried a pretty wide variety of speakers in them (vintage Jensen P12R, P12Q, Weber, Jensen C12N, Cannabis Rex, Swamp Thang, vintage Fender Utah). Right now I have a Swamp Thang in one and a Cannabis Rex in the other. I really like the bass roundness of these two Eminence speakers in these amps over the others I have tried. I play mostly single coil Strats either clean or with just a touch of OD. Both my BJ have the bulk of the BillM mods.

I also own a couple of vintage Fenders (BFDR and Tweed Deluxe) and a couple of larger Victorias, and these two BJs really give up no ground to these amps in the quality of their tone, at a fraction of the cost.


usa Thumb area Mi

Jun 21st, 2018 07:29 PM   Edit   Profile  

Just put an old Oxford 12L6 in my BJr and love it.

reeks of vintage vibe and totally took any and all boxed sounding away.

I had a Crex in, but that is too dark of a speaker for me. (yet a Great speaker)

I'm in love with Jensens.. don't know why.. like them over Weber and WGS.. employ both the P and C series.. and the Mod series.

The other speaker company that I favor very highly is Eminence.. love them too. Patriots, Legends and RedCoats

I have had great customer service from both Jensen and Eminence

(This message was last edited by pcalu at 09:30 PM, Jun 21st, 2018)



Jul 19th, 2018 03:28 PM   Edit   Profile  

My BJ III is a special addition that came with a Crex. No need to do the speaker search, it sounds great and don't find it too dark at all.

Contributing Member


Home of the Goodyear blimp
Jul 22nd, 2018 10:28 AM   Edit   Profile  

I liked the Jensen speaker I had in mine.

Tony F

Long Island, NY

When you come to fork in road take it
Sep 11th, 2018 03:23 PM   Edit   Profile  

I f you want bottom end look into the Jensen Falcon 12.

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FDP Forum / Fender Amps: 1985 - Current / Blues Jr III Speaker Upgrade

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