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FDP Forum / Home Recording Forum / Tascam 788 problem: Is my hard drive dying?



Mar 7th, 2015 08:53 AM   Edit   Profile  

I just knew that as soon as I wrote about portastudios dying and going away........

This last week when doing recording/mixing/etc. the machine has "frozen", for lack of a better term. None of the controls/buttons will work, and the only way out is to turn off power and restart it. Yes, I know this method of power down is frowned upon, but there is no other choice.

The hard drive was upgraded/replaced in 2002 (13 years ago). The machine does not get moved around or subjected to hard use.

I'm hoping it's the hard drive and the answer is to replace it.

Has anyone had a similar sounding problem with a computer or portastudio?

If so, what was the fix?

Thanks in advance.

Contributing Member


Mar 7th, 2015 09:50 AM   Edit   Profile  

At a glance at Google I see discussion about a firmware upgrade.

I'd start with any related Tascam forums, maybe reseat the HD, connectors, etc.



All I need is one more guitar
Mar 24th, 2015 01:07 PM   Edit   Profile  

+1 on firmware update and checking the connectors.

Make sure there's plenty of air circulation UNDER the unit - maybe raise up an inch above the table top.

You can change out the hard drive (first back up what you have since you'll lose in re-formatting). it's pretty easy even for a klutz like me.
Or just get the DP-24 or DP-32



Mar 26th, 2015 08:11 AM   Edit   Profile  

I have had the latest FW and related updates for 12 years or so. By the way, if someone did not have the latest updates they would be super mega SOL. Tascam support is basically non-existent, even for new products.

I have always had the unit raised up about an inch or so. That thought occurred to me a long time ago.

A couple of weeks ago I removed/disconnected the HD connectors and put it back together. It has been working fine ever since.

FWIW, my experience in life seems to be that "mechanical" devices fail before "electronic" ones do. A connection is a mechanical device. A HD is largely a mechanical device with its spinning platter.

Getting a DP-24 or a DP-32 (at least a new one) is basically no longer an option. If you want MIDI and/or a CD drive, it IS no longer an option.

Friend of P


Apr 7th, 2015 12:22 PM   Edit   Profile  

Why do you say getting a DP-24 or a DP-32 is not an option? DP-24 IIRC has MIDI and a CD drive. You can find them on eBay.



Apr 10th, 2015 10:14 PM   Edit   Profile  

Friend of P: As I said, getting a NEW one is not an option. Unless you get lucky and find one of the few left out there.

FDP Forum / Home Recording Forum / Tascam 788 problem: Is my hard drive dying?

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