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FDP Forum / The Squier Forum / squire cyclone review



give up giving up
Feb 17th, 2015 01:54 PM   Edit   Profile  

A candy apple came yesterday so this may be premature. Fit and finish are perfect.Interesting though that it is refinished over a blue. Ill talk about what that means later. The only caveat is that the pickup holes are larger than the PU. If they were more snug I would say the appearance would be perfect.
The neck feels good not too flat or skinny and of course not fat. That would be my preference but a unit built for the masses has to be average. Anyway the usual white poly, very thin and the neck is not bumpy anywhere. The fingerboard seems thicker at the nut than the body but it isnt distractingly so.
It is surprising that the tuners work well and hold the pitch. The strings turned my fingertips black immediately so they had to go. I opened the cavities to see what was what. Dime size Alpha pots, I didnt see a brand on the switch but it feel good and solid. The only shielding is under the switch yet the cavity has a thick coat of shielding paint. The wires are tiny but overall the wiring scheme is tidy.
The chrome control plate are very nice, a thick chrome layer over heavy metal. The scratch plate is thin, just 2 ply but it looks nice with the candy finish. My preference would be tortoise which would dress up the look but still it looks fun.
I thought it would be light weight but it weighs 8 lbs. That, the blue paint which came only on a past issue, and the thick shielding make me think that the body is a left over alder of the previous run rather than the basswood which is stated for this run. You might like that you might not but if you want a light guitar this is possibly not the one. There may be some painted bodies that are basswood but it would be a gamble.
I like the short but not too short scale and the fender trem. It came decked with 3 springs and an extra in the goody bag. If you want to use the trem youll have to adjust it. The intonation is perfect. There is a slight amount of sprout. Not enough to keep from playing it but it should be dealt with. I havent measured the action but it feels good.
The pickups sound ok but not thrilling. Certainly adequate for any style of music. There is no buzz from either the single or the HB. One thing I didnt like is that the adjustment screws for the HB are tiny. I havent looked for that size driver to see how it adjusts but the single had regular size screws and works well.
So I think Fender has done something great here. I hope they keep it in the line. I dont like the offset bodies but this is variety that doesnt look strange or can fit the bill for people that like offsets. It kinda fits in that category. Evenso if it would be a keeper Id want to chaange both PU and wiring/pots/switch. The jack should be done while youre at it just to be sure. A guitar at this price point might have a poor quality jack.
Buy one if you already have a strat, I think youll like it. Its ok stock but could be fun modding. You could even make the HB split or have two singles or two HB.

FDP Forum / The Squier Forum / squire cyclone review

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