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FDP Forum / The 'Pup' Tent / Changing Out One Specific Killer Pup to Another Guitar?



Feb 4th, 2015 02:32 PM   Edit   Profile  

Wondering if Yall have had a similar experience and whether the pup might hold or lose the tone in another guitar.

I know that there is no way for me to know, until I actually do it, but I have three strats each with 57/62's, CS69's, and TS custom shop pups. All very nice sounding pups (and I wanted this variety) but the best "single" pup across all the guitars is by far the neck pup on my CS69 set. I can't fully explain it but this particular neck pup sounds "3-D" compared to all the other pups I have.

Here is the dilemma; this pup is in my cheapest (Squier Standard) rosewood back-up guitar (with the thinner neck profile) and my number one is a nice thick maple neck Mexi that kills (TS) but not as much as the 69 neck pup. I want to switch them around but don't want to lose the mojo. If I have to, I will just use the Squier for the Hendrix and Ray Vaughn stuff but I am not big on switching guitars when I play out and just like to play one guitar.

Just want some opinions.....Am wondering if the pup might lose the "3-D" effect in another guitar (with less mass-maple neck). What are your experiences on this issue? Thanks in Advance............ :)



Feb 4th, 2015 02:47 PM   Edit   Profile  

BTW; my tech has already suggested to swap out the neck on Squier first for the chunkier feel that I like and see how that works. He suggested that some pups might sound great in one guitar and sound like **** in another guitar........ :)

Contributing Member

Gonna introduce you

to the Buena Buena
Feb 4th, 2015 02:56 PM   Edit   Profile  

Your tech is spot on. There are no guarantees that top-notch components will combine to make a first-class tonestick deluxe. However, good components do increase the odds of success.

Give it a shot. To quote fellow guitar tech wrnchbndr, "tone just happens."


Land Of 1000 Dances

Do you know how to Pony?
Feb 4th, 2015 03:46 PM   Edit   Profile  

Yup,better or worse, you'll never know until you actually do it.

Martin G
Contributing Member


Feb 13th, 2015 01:28 PM   Edit   Profile  

Swapping pickups is easy. Just do it and if the magic doesn't follow the pickup put them back.

super mario
Contributing Member


tone to the bone no other way
Feb 20th, 2015 01:23 PM   Edit   Profile  

Would agree to just do it....to see if the if the tone continues to happen. Case in point - I just recently switched pickups/guards on two of my Mexi Strats. The red one had a HSS configuration that has two Texas Specials and a SD Pearly Gates HB setup with a rosewood fretboard neck. The black one had the stock ceramics with an all maple neck. Basically I switched bodies - i.e. the red one now has the three single coils with the all maple neck (think Mark Knoppler sig strat) and the black now has the rosewood fretboard neck with the HSS setup. While I was at it, I also took some stock USA Strat ALINCO pickups and put them in the red strat (a late 80's neck, and mid 90's middle bridge). It was a gamble to see what would happen. That combination gives this guitar that sweet Sratty sound I so love. It is the one I enjoy the most....still love the black one with all the voicing combinations, but the tone happens on the red one. And then there's the tobacco burst one that has TSpecials in all three slots....what can I do there......
just do it....nothing to lose and maybe some even more serious mojo to gain!

(This message was last edited by super mario at 03:27 PM, Feb 20th, 2015)


LA-la-land, CA

Insert clever comment here
Feb 20th, 2015 04:49 PM   Edit   Profile  

Yeah, I think just as easy to swap pickups and put them back as it is to swap a neck and do the setup. Plus, there's no guarantee the guitar will sound exactly the same with the new neck!

(This message was last edited by gdw3 at 06:49 PM, Feb 20th, 2015)

Contributing Member


RonHalen Jokingly He Says
Feb 26th, 2015 02:03 PM   Edit   Profile  

Why not just move that loaded PG to your destination strat and try that. BTW all my white and black wires to the jack are set up so I can just swap and use wire nuts between strats. No soldering.

FDP Forum / The 'Pup' Tent / Changing Out One Specific Killer Pup to Another Guitar?

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