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FDP Forum / The Squier Forum / Anybody have an Indo-made Squier Mustang Bass?



"Lost Money Magnet"
Sep 26th, 2013 04:55 PM   Edit   Profile  

Or even just played one? Opinions? Sound? Build quality (especially fret work)? How does it stacks up against MIJ Fender Mustang Bass?

I would expect electronics and hardware plating to be inferior to MIJ Fender.


FDP Data Goon

Howl like a wolf

And a witch will open the door
Sep 27th, 2013 04:16 PM   Edit   Profile  

MIJ Fenders aren't generally loved for their electronics - everybody I see with MIJ Mustangs/Jaguars/Jazzmasters etc yanks out the pickups almost immediately.

I don't have a Mustang bass but I have a MIJ '69RI Mustang guitar and the Squier Mustang guitar (MII). Electronics in the Squier are radically better. Usable. Fine. Pleasant even.

Hardware feels pretty close, the difference is the fit+finish on the MIJ is a hair nicer, but not 2x+ the price nicer by any stretch, and frankly, as a guitar, the MII is better. I play it a ton, ton more. Fret ends on the MIJ are significantly better, but the MII doesn't bother me, they're not cheapoguitar stupid sharp, just not quite expensive guitar ends where there's absolutely nothing that could be improved.

MII Jaguar is inferior in fit and finish substantially over my Classic Player Jaguar, but again, sounds good, plays well (but a lot differently, so there's no real head to head comparison because they're so different in feel).

MII Bass VI as well, only fit and finish complaint is the tort is cheap (expected) and the wood under the sunburst is, well, cheap. Past a couple feet nobody would notice at all, and in the playability department just fine. Any fret end issues are masked by the binding, which is acceptable.

I am not a member of the MIJ guitar cult though, they were cheap imports in their day too, and frankly, still should be (or more aptly, still are with a higher price tag).

Get one from somewhere with a decent return policy, if you know what you're expecting out of a Mustang bass I suspect you'll be fine.



"Lost Money Magnet"
Sep 27th, 2013 04:34 PM   Edit   Profile  

Thanks for the thorough response. Appreciated.

These people who yank their Mustang Bass pups: what are they replacing them with? Some direct swap in, or are they enlarging the routes and dropping in something like, say, P-Bass or J-Bass pups?

FDP Data Goon

Howl like a wolf

And a witch will open the door
Sep 27th, 2013 04:44 PM   Edit   Profile  

No idea on the Mustang basses. Those just haven't been popular among the people I know, let alone at MIJ prices.

If I recall (and I've never cared for them much) the original Mustang-type cheapie basses used Strat pickups.



"Lost Money Magnet"
Sep 27th, 2013 05:52 PM   Edit   Profile  

"...the original Mustang-type cheapie basses used Strat pickups."

I think those were the Musicmasters: the Mustangs were/are basically the same bass but with split coil pup and 4-barrel vs. 2-barrel bridge.

I was just looking at the Squier Vintage Modified Tele and Vintage Modified Special Tele Bass specs: 32" scale and what appears to be more versatile pups than the Mustangs. Also a shade wider at the nut and a 9.5" (rather than 7.25") FB radius. Unfortunately, no belly cuts on any of them.

That medium scale might retain some of the comfort (for arthritic old hands) of the shorter scale while taking some of the "flubbiness" out of the E string...kind of a compromise, maybe.



"Lost Money Magnet"
Sep 28th, 2013 10:11 AM   Edit   Profile  

These pups would push the bottom line up, but they are one, drop-in option I've dug up for those unhappy with their stock Mustang Bass (Fender or Squier) pups.

Scroll down the page a bit to find the NM4:

(This message was last edited by Taildragger at 12:12 PM, Sep 28th, 2013)



"Lost Money Magnet"
Sep 28th, 2013 10:13 AM   Edit   Profile  

Here is a demo of those pups...

...in a Squier:



"Lost Money Magnet"
Sep 28th, 2013 10:22 AM   Edit   Profile  

BTW: I haven't heard those pups in person, so can't vouch for them from first-hand experience.

Steve Dallman
Contributing Member

Merrill, Wisconsin

Age is just a number...mine is big
Oct 2nd, 2013 02:56 PM   Edit   Profile  

I was anxiously waiting to try the Squier Mustang guitar, as I played a red 65 Mustang through high school.

Uggghh. Cheap, poorly set up, unlevel frets, cheap feeling and looking bridge and trem. They didn't get it close to the real thing.

I usually can set up and with a little neck work (roll the edges, level the frets and work on the fret ends) make a Squier Strat play as well as a real Strat. Not that thing.

It broke my heart. I miss my high school guitar I played from 1967 until I sold it for $60 in 1971 in college. (That was the going rate then.) I wanted to fix up the Squier to bring back my old tone and feel. No dice.

I hope the bass version is better.



"Lost Money Magnet"
Oct 2nd, 2013 05:27 PM   Edit   Profile  


Quality must be real hit-or-miss, then: Rev says "Yea", Steve says "nay".

Elsewhere, I've heard about the Squier VM Mustang Basses as being at least potential platforms suitable for mod/upgrade.

Fender doesn't offer their RI here in the U.S. with a maple fretboard or any body color other than white. Otherwise, I'd just save my pennies and wait.

And though other colors are available in the Japanese market, getting one from there pushes the price up over a grand.

Sounds like I'll just have to roll the dice and buy from a vendor with a good return policy.

FDP Forum / The Squier Forum / Anybody have an Indo-made Squier Mustang Bass?

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