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FDP Forum / I'd Hit It! - Drums and Percussion / What Cymbals To Buy?

Contributing Member


May 29th, 2013 04:16 PM   Edit   Profile  

After not playing drums for many a year and then returning......I bought a used Tama kit and rushed out to buy a couple of A. Zildjan cymbals. So I bought a 20" A. Custom ride and a 17" A. Custom crash. The crash sounds great to me and is a keeper. The ride sounded good at the store but when I got it to where we play...well you guys know how that works. Anyway, I'm not happy with the ride at all. What rides do you guys use and what do you think would work for me? I'm kind of looking for that old A. Zildjan sound of the ride that I bought back in the 1960's (yes I'm an old fart!). I know they were handmade back in the day. Are there any cymbals handmade in this day and age? It doesn't have to be a Zildjan. I'm just looking for one with a good sound. This new one I bought is a lot thinner and a lot lighter than my old ride. I now have it taped and muted so much that you can't get a good sound when you play on its bell. I heard a guy (on youtube, I think?) , playing a Sabian 22" Carmine Appice Sig. ride. It sounded really good to me. I've also heard Carmine play that same cymbal and the sound is not so good. But Carmine, pretty much beats the crap out of the thing (If you see this Carmine, I still luv your playing and books!) This other guy was playing more like I would and again, I thought it sounded great! What about others? Like Paiste, Istanbul, etc.

Also, I'm thinking about new hats as well. My kit still has those cheaper Meinls that came with it and I need to get some better, pro cymbals. Again, which ones do ya like?

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated!

Contributing Member


May 29th, 2013 04:24 PM   Edit   Profile  

Oops! Just saw the Sabian vs. Zildjan thread. Sorry to have bothered ya all!



Jun 5th, 2013 07:15 AM   Edit   Profile  

F2... I'm old fart too, and when I got back into drumming I wanted my ride to have the old A sound... and after playing heaps and heaps of both new and old, I found a second-hand K Custom medium ride that is the one… nails it completely.

Re, the hats... during my constant searching, I found in the junk pile of a crappy ma and pa shop, a super tarnished set of 14" New Beats, from the 60's/70's out of Canada, what is now the Sabian factory... when I dusted them off and used a magnifying glass to read the stamp, I got real excited and asked what they wanted… $60 was the answer… I didn’t even try them… just handed over the money. They sound great… I think they were for jazz, as they are very light so I use the heavy on top.

I also think the Paiste Dimensions are really good if you want a brighter shade happening, to offset the Zildjians darker sounds.

But as I said in the other thread… I will use whatever, depending on the gig/situation... from a range of Zildjian, Sabian, Paiste, Bosphorus, Ufip and Wuhan... which just happens to be what I have picked up over the years... I am not loyal to any company, so will play whatever sounds good and is the right price.

(This message was last edited by Lazmo at 04:01 AM, Jun 6th, 2013)

Contributing Member


Jun 10th, 2013 09:34 AM   Edit   Profile  

Thanks for the info Lazmo! Lots of good stuff there and I really appreciate it!!

Just to update.....Went to the music store last week and picked up a 22"Sabian Ride! I'm in love!!! Kinda, has that old school A. Zildjan sound, perhaps even better! It's the Paragon model. I asked the sales guy what that was about, and he informed me that it was Neal Peart's ride cymbal. So now, (at least when I'm playing the ride, I should sound just like Neil!!! lol)

Looked at some Sabian and Paiste hats. Wasn't too fond of either one. The Sabian's were 14" and had what I thought was a "too bright" sound. The Paiste's were 15 inchers and when closed, could barely be heard. The sales guy was pushing the Paiste's, saying those were what he played and he loved them. He grabbed some and put'em on a kit and then jumped on and started playing. They sounded really nice when he was whacking them (in fact, beating the living crap out of them,is more accurate), while opening and closing them.

Wish I could stumble onto some good used ones. I know there's a lot of money to be saved. But, I have to play 'em first, so ebay, etc. is a no go for me when it comes to musical gear.

Contributing Member

So. Cal. USA

Jun 10th, 2013 09:59 AM   Edit   Profile  

I play 14" Paiste Signature Dark Crisp hats. Love 'em in all styles. Very musical. Yes, they are pricey.

I also have a set of Zil 14" New Beats on the practice set I keep at the rehearsal studio. I don't like them in the studio but enjoy them live. I played new beats back in the 70s full time.

Contributing Member


Jun 15th, 2013 11:27 AM   Edit   Profile  

Thank you Hammond101! I plan to try both of these out (if I can find 'em locally). To be honest, I've never heard of that version of Paiste before. Sounds interesting and your report on them is encouraging.

I also do want to try the New Beats as well. I know lot's of drummers either use them or used to use them. BTW, my playing is all live, at this point.

Contributing Member


Jul 1st, 2013 01:39 PM   Edit   Profile  

Well, I found a used set of Sabian "Paragon" 14" hats on the bay. Told myself that I wouldn't buy cymbals without hearing them but, I liked that new ride so much that I decided to take a chance. I'm so glad I did!!! These hats are every bit as nice as that new ride! Couldn't be happier!!!

Thanks again for all of your input!!



Jul 1st, 2013 05:17 PM   Edit   Profile  

Cool ... that's a bonus

FDP Forum / I'd Hit It! - Drums and Percussion / What Cymbals To Buy?

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