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FDP Forum / The Gretsch Forum / Review of the G5265 Baritone Guitar

Contributing Member

Trenton, NJ

what do you mean the bass is too loud?
Oct 2nd, 2012 10:14 AM   Edit   Profile  

Short story:
I'm not using this as a 'baritone guitar', but as
a bass guitar, with occasional leads. I'm having
decent but not spectacular results (for now) in
a folk-rock group.

The long story after 3 weeks of use is:

The situation is I am the bass player in a
lightweight folkrock band- acoustic rhythm,
3 voices, light percussion and bass. We lead
praise and worship rallies, getting folk to
sing. Sometimes a lead riff intro or solo
would work well, so I did it on bass, with
just OK results.

Enter the G5265. Strung with D'Addrio XL156
24-84's, it uses the E-E tuning, so the bottom
4 strings are identical to a bass. So I can
now play normal bass parts, but take a riff on
the upper two strings, which cover the middle
registers of a normal guitar.

My impressions? I get a decent bottom for the
bass notes. In a singalong context, thats fine,
but maybe not in concert. Because the strings
are not as thick as normal bass, I don't get
the 'fightback' I'm used to, to be as expressive
as I can be on my J-Bass.

The pickups are very reactive, and there is
enough room to use my fingertips, so MAYBE with
practice I can get even more expressive in my

The upper registers are not as expressive as a
normal electric guitar either, because of the
thicker, wound strings used. (perhaps I'll
experiment with lighter gauge for the B and E
strings). But again, they get the job done. I
I may also consider a dual amp setup.

The guitar itself (used, but in perfect
condition) had NO issues. It was set up
perfectly, no buzzes, all works fine. A minor
issue with staying in tune long term, maybe
because of new strings. 2 pickups, x 3
settings gives a LOT of variation of tones.

I don't use the Bigby sway bar, so its parked
away. I wish there was an easy way to lock it,
because I suspect tuning one string varies the
spring tension on all the others. And putting
new strings on IS A MAJOR PAIN in the butt.

All in all, (if you want to put in some work
adjusting your playing), when used as a
bass/with leads, the Gretsch does a pretty good
job. I wouldn't use it in a rock band setting,
but as support to an acoustic rhythm guitar, it
gets the job done.

PS: the original owner had it strung B-B with
lighter strings. The Surf-Rock twang was
spectacular as well as tic-tac muted playing,
before I swapped in the bass strings.

oldfartbassplayer Walt

Contributing Member


Oct 13th, 2012 06:30 PM   Edit   Profile  

Are you happy with the build quality for the price ?

Contributing Member

Trenton, NJ

what do you mean the bass is too loud?
Jan 22nd, 2013 10:23 AM   Edit   Profile  

sorry for the late post, haven't checked out
the thread for a while. The answer is YES,
for the price. ($350 used). no issues with
buzzing or warp, no pieces falling off (hah!)
passive electronics holding up.

Plus after 3 monthes use, I'm a lot better at
getting a decent sound out of it, though it'll
never replace my J-Bass in terms of sound.

Contributing Member

Pouts better

than Yngwie
May 27th, 2013 02:12 PM   Edit   Profile  

Walt, you can lock the Bigsby (semi-permanently) by replacing the spring with a 5/8" long piece of 1/2" diameter PVC tubing. Paint it black with a permanent marker or plastic paint, and drop it in at the next string change (lift the arm, remove the spring, place the tube there). You can even take the arm off if you like.

Contributing Member

Trenton, NJ

what do you mean the bass is too loud?
May 29th, 2013 10:04 AM   Edit   Profile  

"you can lock the Bigsby"

Thanx, sounds like something to try.

Next string change will be to the La bella
Fender VI string set, more expensive,
but go .026 - .095. instead of .084

A little deeper I assume, and hopefully more
bass-like in tactile response.

Good opportunity to try Peegoo's suggested mod.


.. I cheat and use a capo to keep the strings
from unraveling all over the place ..


(This message was last edited by wborys at 12:07 PM, May 29th, 2013)

Contributing Member

Pouts better

than Yngwie
May 29th, 2013 04:06 PM   Edit   Profile  

Walt, look


FDP Forum / The Gretsch Forum / Review of the G5265 Baritone Guitar

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