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FDP Forum / The Lefty Forum / Condensed Take on My Reverse Firebird 70's Tribute



the air smelled like snakes
Aug 28th, 2012 03:27 PM   Edit   Profile  

I received my Firebird today....I will keep my impressions short and to the point. You can read the specs on Gibson's site.

Overall weight seems less than an SG. I don't believe it is, however the FB is center balanced where as the SG is neck heavy, giving the impression that the FB is lighter.

Maple neck and board solid with good feel, pretty quick up and down. Frets medium size are finished well with no sharp edges. Tuners are small rotors with bennie knobs, we'll see if they hold up.

Mini Buckers are more potent than the original FB's with plenty of Alnico II bite, they handle OD and Compressors with fierce control....Clean impressed me the most with chime and sweetness. They can get muddy if you OD & Compress too much But then that is my opinion only.

Switches and pots are standard Gibson 500k stuff with silver mica capacitors as opposed to ceramics that I expected to find. BTW all the pots are lefty sweep correct. Volume pots are linear, Tones are audio taper.

Fit & Finish:

Fit up is good except for one small place by the front of the pick-guard on mine ...where the three piece body was glued together.

Finish is nitro thin coat that allows the grain of the wood to present itself. The solid color however does mask the body seams. Very few disturbances in the finish of mine.

Plastic Parts:

Pickguard and Truss Rod cover are on the cheap side....never noticed this on any other Gibby that I can remember.

Overall impression.... It is a $850. Gibson so you get a $850. Gibson. The electrics are Gibson quality, the sound, tone and sustain is as good as any std SG although it is not an SG it is a Firebird with a set neck and it does have its own unique character. I like the feel of this one it feels lighter than an SG because of the center balance which is due to its larger body. I expected the FB to be exactly what I received nothing more. Is it worth having? IMO yes, even if only for the unique full reverse FB style. Is it a real Firebird, sure ...firebirds were made both neck through and set neck, the most rare are the set necks. The quality of tone and play-ability is to me more important and this one I have has that in aces. Yeah I'm gonna keep it...it makes me feel good !!!


I have noticed that static elec. little ticks & pops are present most of the time....I intend to shield the pockets and the pick guard when I change strings.

(This message was last edited by fadehook at 03:49 AM, Aug 29th, 2012)

reverend mikey
Contributing Member

An Amateur built the

Ark...Professionals built the Titanic
Aug 29th, 2012 09:56 AM   Edit   Profile  

Thanks for the honest review. It has kept my interest/Gas for one of these alive. Who knows how long Gibson will over this as a lefty?

I'm nost interested in either the red or the more traditional burst...I'll be watching MF's site to see when they're available...

...should probably pre-order, huh?



the air smelled like snakes
Aug 29th, 2012 03:41 PM   Edit   Profile  

Pre-order maybe so.......Sam Ash has some of them in stock or at least they did 2 days ago. I believe the seams on the traditional burst might not be so pronounced on some guitars as others.



the air smelled like snakes
Aug 31st, 2012 07:08 PM   Edit   Profile  


If anyone here desires a reliced 70's tribute Firebird.... I've had mine for three days and the finish is so thin that the edges have begun to lose the finish down to showing wood. BTW I play this no different than all my others. Beats me, I'm still going to keep this one and see how far the finish goes away.......if the relic continues but doesn't look really aged it may take a trip to the paint shop.
Re: the static snap crackle pop; I shielded the pick guard and attached a thin ground wire under the Pick guard to the grounding plate of the bridge pup...fixed.

Wow this Firebird is full of surprises...I don't know if any other Firebird of this model will have the same things going on, but just to let you know, take these descriptions here and weigh them as part of your decision before buying. BTW the mahogany body wood on this one is extremely soft...way softer than my SG.

(This message was last edited by fadehook at 07:17 PM, Aug 31st, 2012)

reverend mikey
Contributing Member

An Amateur built the

Ark...Professionals built the Titanic
Sep 1st, 2012 11:17 AM   Edit   Profile  

Would love to see pics of the finish flaking if you have a camera... that doesn't sound right, especially on a nitro finish...

...how about on the back of the neck?

Do you still like the pickups? (Getting past the honeymoon stage...)



the air smelled like snakes
Sep 2nd, 2012 12:33 PM   Edit   Profile  

Sure the pups, pots and circuits are fine, its hard for me to put a spin on the circuitry having really nothing other to compare them with..... P90's, Singles, Hot Rails, Humbuckers; a bit of all of the aforementioned. Honeymoon>>> I'm enjoying finding out what she is really like, so far so good. As far as the finish around the back edge its not flaking, sort of rubbing thin. I tried taking a pic...but it won't show up well enough in the photo, too dark around the backs paint area. The back of the neck is holding its finish. I have applied Fender's Piano Care Enhancer & Non-Abrasive Polish all over the nitro areas hoping to stop any further regression. To be honest, I'm just gonna play this Firebird like it really is on fire.

Contributing Member


too many guitars and not enough hands
Sep 6th, 2012 08:40 PM   Edit   Profile  


you have got the GAS rising i could probably swing one and there is a lefty in sunburst that looks sweet

i may just do it



the air smelled like snakes
Sep 6th, 2012 09:13 PM   Edit   Profile  

Well, I'm getting to know the Firebird. My hands are starting to really enjoy the feel of shapes......neck goes from thin at the first few frets to healthy toward the body...not fat just comfortable. BTW this is the only guitar that lets my fingers reach even past the last fret with ease while my thumb is still wrapped. I don't think of all my guitars that any other lets me get that friendly, not even my SG.

The edges have ceased thinning their finish, just the one area about 3/4 inch on the back edge...about where my arm and chest rest against the back edge. The concerns about the finish have all but been forgotten.

I know it sounds crazy, but I'm thinking about buying another with vintage burst finish....they actually play that well for me.

I'm with you LeftRightOut... too many guitars, but then again whoever has enough.

(This message was last edited by fadehook at 09:13 PM, Sep 6th, 2012)

FDP Forum / The Lefty Forum / Condensed Take on My Reverse Firebird 70's Tribute

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