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FDP Forum / Sing, Sing, Sing! - Vocalist's Forum / Trying again....

Contributing Member

Basking Ridge, NJ,

Apr 17th, 2012 06:48 AM   Edit   Profile  

After I gave up singing in my band because of some negative comments from another bandmember/singer, I was really bummed. I liked to sing and thought I put a lot into the songs I sang. After band practice one night, the keyboard player asked me why I wasn't singing any more. He said he thought I did a good job on my vocals. I got some encouragement from gman on the FDP too.

So, after stewing about it for awhile, I decided to get back to singing with the band. I realized that I don't do the 'crooner' type of songs so well - I'm better with the rough, bluesy type songs. So that's what I am doing. Even my critic in the band says ( grudgingly) that they sound pretty good. If my pitch is a little off here or there, well, so be it.

I'm also singing more at local jams, including Clamfest in May. I think the more experience I get in singing, the better I'll get.

(This message was last edited by greg1948 at 06:50 AM, Apr 17th, 2012)



Official Brew Master of Clamfest
Apr 17th, 2012 08:19 AM   Edit   Profile  

its 75% balls and 25% talent :)

without the confidence you dont commit and then you make mistakes. A good ear is esential (which you have)the rest is like the guitar- once you are comfortable you can stretch out and see what you can do. But nothing beats practice and that includes in the car, live with the band, karaoke and jams.

Also a big help is singing with no playing of instruments. Allows you to concentrate on the vocals. At Clamfest you are only on 6 vocal spots. I would suggest you take some more and only sing

Welcome back to the fold brother!

Contributing Member

That chicken

is WRONG, baby.
Apr 17th, 2012 04:40 PM   Edit   Profile  

If poor timing and off-pitch singing were illegal, I would have been locked up years ago. I agree with Gman--the more you do it, the easier it gets.

Dunno if I'm better today than I was five years ago, but that really doesn't matter to me. It's fun!

I'm looking forward to you singing at Clamfest, Greg.

Contributing Member

Basking Ridge, NJ,

Apr 18th, 2012 06:16 AM   Edit   Profile  

Thanks for the kind words, George & Geno. I'm gonna sing my a$$ off at Clamfest, for sure. The vocals will probably get buried by the guitars, which may be a good thing!



May 8th, 2012 06:25 PM   Edit   Profile  

Know your limits and make sure you stay within them. I am great at singing a very narrow range of tunes. Get me out of my range and it is bad. Fortunately, I write all my own stuff in the right range.

Contributing Member


Aug 18th, 2013 05:51 PM   Edit   Profile  

Singing IS fun. Anyone who wants to do so in a band, should assert that right. I would be very chary of discouraging a fellow band-member from singing a tune or two. Not only is it fun, as noted. But it gives the lead-singer's pipes a break. Nothing wrong with that.

Almost anyone can find songs that fit their vocal range and abilities. Even if it's not so good to start with, practice does improve the product. And at the end of the day, many of us (me included) do this for 'fun'.


Contributing Member

I walk

between the raindrops
Sep 1st, 2013 12:35 PM   Edit   Profile  

If you're new to singing, start with Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and William Shatner tunes to build up your confidence.


Contributing Member

Vero Beach FL

Sep 2nd, 2013 05:32 AM   Edit   Profile  

Been singing more and more. Feeling more confident as well, thanks to encouragement from fellow FDP'ers. Even my wife has complimented me on some songs (that's BIG). I'm even working my way up to some Shatner songs!



Screw Sandy-lets make some noise!
Oct 13th, 2013 06:01 PM   Edit   Profile  

well you missed the last clamfest and we had a shortage of singers So I did over 20 tunes!~

try to make it up for the spring Clamfest. I got the horn section smokin and there will be many opportunities to have the OTL horns back you. Its a bucklist item to be sure!!

Contributing Member

Vero Beach FL

Oct 17th, 2013 06:00 AM   Edit   Profile  

I'm very sorry to have missed Clamfest. I'll really set my sights on getting up to NJ in the spring so I can help out with the singing!

Contributing Member

Saskatchewan, Canada

Oct 17th, 2013 11:01 AM   Edit   Profile  

Your singing will improve the more you sing. I used to sing Kansas City and Got My Mojo Workin' as opposed to tunes such as He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother. No way could I sing that tune. I know my limitations.The more you sing, the better you get, generally speaking. But there are exceptions of course. But it sounds as if you're on the right track. And as gmanNJ said, playing sans instrument is a big help.

FDP Forum / Sing, Sing, Sing! - Vocalist's Forum / Trying again....

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