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FDP Forum / The Gretsch Forum / Electromatic Pro Jet Goldtop



Mar 28th, 2012 09:44 AM   Edit   Profile  

I am a Fender guy, but have always wanted a Goldtop. I refuse to pay several thousand for a Gibby. I have looked at and played the Epiphones and the necks seem heavy to me. This brings me to the Electromatic Pro Jet Gold Top. Anybody here have one and what are your thoughts? I love the look of them ( I know this is weird) but they seem so inexpensive. Why the HUGE price difference between the Pro Jet and the Duo Jet? How do the Pickups compare? Right now I am saving up my allowance and am leaning towards the non-Bigsby version.

Thanks in advance.


Fredericksbu, Va USA

John F.
Mar 29th, 2012 05:21 AM   Edit   Profile  

I do not have any direct experience with the Electromatic Pro Jet Gold Top. I did try out a new Electromatic Jet that was black yesterday at a music store... and I own a Proline Sparkle Jet. I also own an Electroamtic hollowbody (a 5127). Oh, I also own a Gibson LP Traditional Pro and have a bud who has an R4 Goldtop that i play all the time.

First, the difference between the Gretsches. The Electro Jet I tried yesterday was a very nice guitar. The neck (back) profile was a little flatter (as is my 5127) than my Duo Jet. It's a little shallower front to back for sure. The frets are larger and the neck was rosewood, not ebony. THe pickups on my Duo Jet are solid mounted into wood shims. The Electro Jet had adjustable pickups (the neck pickup was a little tilted on it's springs. A little goofing with it would fix it just fine). The Bigsby on my Duo Jet is much smoother feeling and more reactive. I'm not sure why, but it's just the way it feels. The controls are different as well... I don't remember what the Gold Pro Jet has for controls, But, I do know they're different.

Tone - Well, I was not playing through MY amp on the Electro Jet, so I cannot give a truly fair comparison (though I'm hoping to slide back today with my Jet). But, it sounded good. I would not be ashamed to play it out in public. I was knocking out a few Blues licks, and then got into a full session (with a drummer trying out a set of drums and another guy trying out an acoustic) of Honey Don't. It played decently and sounded the part. Everyone was grinning when we finished (of course I had started it at about 1.5 times the speed it should have been, but I was really just goofing around). I think the HS Filtertrons in my Duo Jet are more something... I think a little more sprakly? Maybe more broadly dynamic as well. Filtertrons ahve a bit fo a scoop to them, it makes them sound 'Gretschy'. While I got some good brightness out of the bridge pickup on the Electromatic Jet, I don't think it's the same. I would wager though, that a switch to TV Jones Classics or just some Filters would really liven up that Electro Jet a lot.

The Electro Jet was a bit heavier than my Duo Jet (my Duo Jet is super light!). I do like the smaller vintage frets on my Duo Jet. The finish on my ProLine looks better than the finish on my Electromatic, it looks infer detailed. It is just an attention to detail in the fit and finish of my ProLine that truly makes it one of, if not the, nicest guitars I've ever owned or played.

My Electromatic Hollow Body is also heavier than my Duo Jet. It has a similar neck profile to the E-Jet I tried yesterday, a little shallow front to back. It's not terribly and far from a skinny C neck, but it's not the nice full soft V that my Duo Jet is. It also has Dearmond 2000's in it which are very different from either the of the Jet's pickups. They are single coil and sound way different.... but Still 'Gretschy'!

Comparing the Jets to LPs is an interesting thing. The LPs have more mids (both P-90 and 57Classic pickups). They are both heavier... even though the R4 is chambered it is not nearly as chambered as my Duo Jet. Probably similar tot eh Electro Jet? The 50's necks on the LPs are fuller like my ProLine, but more rounded, fuller/rounder in the shoulders at the headstock. The 57 classics in my Traditional sound very much like the P-90's in my bud's R4, but with more lower mid presence. Thicker sounding. They are both much thicker sounding than my Gretsches, but not in a 'better' way, just a different way.

Will a Gold Top Pro Jet suffice your Gold Top lust? I dunno. But I will tell you that after having wanted a Les Paul for 20+ years, i finally got this one and it's an awesome guitar. But it's never been my #1.

The Sparkle Jet was #1 from the minute I laid my fingers on it... before I'd ever paid for it.

Sorry for the novel... I just got to writing....



Mar 29th, 2012 11:29 AM   Edit   Profile  

Axis 40.

Thank you, this was just what I was looking for.

I will undoubtedly play a Pro Jet and see how it stands up on it's own. I would frankly love a Duo Jet, but for the dollars, I would probably get a LP goldtop. And I would probably look at TV Jones PUs as well, as I don't run stockers in my (eletric)guitars now.

In around 1964, my guitar teacher tried to talk me into buying an LP Goldtop for $150.00. I told him that it looked like a hillbilly guitar. At the time I wanted a Mustang.....


Fredericksbu, Va USA

John F.
Mar 30th, 2012 04:20 AM   Edit   Profile  

LOL - funny how that works, huh?

Before you say the LP at those dollars... You might look at a Gold Sparkle Jet... I'm just sayin'... :)

Contributing Member

That chicken

is WRONG, baby.
Mar 30th, 2012 03:55 PM   Edit   Profile  

I have a Pro Jet. Very nice guitar, lighter than most Les Pauls, and a very comfy neck. The tuners on these MIC guitars are better than what Gibson USA uses. The fretwork is very good. I did swap out the stock mini humbuckers for GFS NYC single coils (DeArmond knockoffs). They sound fantastic.



May 1st, 2012 08:54 AM   Edit   Profile  

Axis 40
Dude, I play at church, the Gold Sparkle Jet might be too....sexy?


Fredericksbu, Va USA

John F.
May 2nd, 2012 05:09 AM   Edit   Profile  

LOL too sexy? Hmm, maybe.

Might bring more Church Ladies in?


Hawaii, USA

Perfect is the enemy of good enough
Nov 7th, 2012 06:58 PM   Edit   Profile  

I just bought an Electromatic G5435T Pro Jet Goldtop with the B-50 Bigsby just Saturday last.
For an import, this is a stunning guitar with a very nice warm gold top.

It sounds really nice with the blacktop filtertrons. I'm still getting used to the confusing Master volume, tone and volume knobs, but it will come. For the money, It's a stellar guitar.

I like the medium jumbo frets and even with the factory mounted .10's it's very slinky. I have strats with .9's that don't play as well. I would say that in playing ease, it matches my PRS McCarty. Seriously.

Fit and finish is above par. The gold top is more coppery gold than flashy gold and I like that. It's a bit more blinged up than a vanilla strat guy is used to, but it's mighty fine looking.

It's very adjustable tone wise with a growling bridge pickup and a very warm neck, even if the pickups are identical. I was "Mystery Train-ing" all day Saturday with a little slapback, and it eased effortlessly into "Electric Gypsy" with out sounding like an LP trying to sound like a strat.

I much prefer the standard Strat trem to the Bigsby, but it's part of the look and allure of the guitar. I did have to tighten the input jack in the plate which irked me a tad, but past that, everything is tight, aligned, straight, no crooked screws, and an effortless neck to play.

The Humpblock position markers are a turn off to some, but they reminde me of my old Guild S-100, so I like them alot.

Overall for a 500+ price range, you get alot of beautiful guitar.

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