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FDP Forum / Tin Pan Alley - Songwriting / This forum has boundless potential - why is it floundering?

Contributing Member

QLD Australia

Feb 1st, 2012 11:51 PM   Edit   Profile  

I see that much of the old content has shifted to the Home recording forum. But songwriting is something more to me.

Perhaps there simply aren't enough writers?

Contributing Member

Huntington Beach

Merry New Year!
Feb 2nd, 2012 09:10 AM   Edit   Profile  

Too many people on this forum are more interested in copping Clapton or SRV licks, rather then sitting down and writing their own song. Even the Chop Shop and Home Recording forums are rarely visited which is strange for a music forum. People rather discuss gear than music. It's tough to wear your heart on your sleeve as you do when you write a song and I think alot of people are afraid they may sound amatuer. That's too bad, because how else do you get better? The majority of people here ONLY post in Moe's and you'd be surprised by how many people here don't even play.


Central NY

Feb 28th, 2012 04:14 AM   Edit   Profile  

Hello? (hello...hello...) The last I visited here it was mostly links to people's personal sites. being stuck on a slo speed connection that doesn't help me. With an all-originals duet act, I wrote and co-wrote for years and actually (think I ) got better at it. As a craft, practice, effort and persistence can improve your writing. I also found my playing and practice routines were affected in a positive way.

Nowadays my focus has shifted to a light jazz/pop genre, and and i'm writing again. This week a most excellent bassist - the missing last ingredient - will be sitting in, hopefully we won't scare him away! I'll post updates knowing there won't be much interest.

Gene O.
Contributing Member

Canton, Ohio, USA

Mar 2nd, 2012 07:46 AM   Edit   Profile  

The lead singer/acoustic player I'm working with currently says he has a bunch of original songs - lyrics and basic chord structure - and asked if I'd help him with arrangements and tweaking. I wholeheartedly agreed, but we have yet to find the mutual free time to start.

Hopefully we'll find the time soon and I'll be able to use this forum for input.


Central NY

Mar 5th, 2012 08:58 AM   Edit   Profile  

The bassist showed up and we had a nice time with some standards and some improv jamming. It sounded good and felt great.

We have known each other and performed around town separately for a long time, this is the first any of us has had a trio. I'm taking a brief vacation (hope to do some writing) after which we'll get togehter again. A songlist for some direction will help, as will any half baked ideas for the group to develop. This is gonna be fun!


Central NY

Mar 25th, 2012 04:43 AM   Edit   Profile  

We have gotten together four times and each has been good. A highly regarded harp player sat in last week and the group balanced out in about four minutes. I played my archtop & went all strange and diminshed a few times, we just rode the changes and all agreed it was a very nice session.

Tonight I'm bringing a couple of chord progressions and bits of melody to cobble into a 'song'. If this seems off-topic, it is leading up to how a successful songwriting collaboration can function beautifully.

Or not.... but I remain hopeful.

Florida Mike
Contributing Member

United States

I can only Sing my Heart
Apr 7th, 2012 12:00 PM   Edit   Profile  

Good luck Macman and just have fun and see where it leads... Songwriting is not for everyone but I find the creative process very satisfying myself ...


Central NY

Apr 11th, 2012 03:58 AM   Edit   Profile  

The past few weeks everyone has had to carve out some time from busy busyness. In two sessions we are developing a "sound" that is sparse, yet full range.

We are still goofing around but sort of migrating in a direction that seems unfamiliar - relaxed, casual, yet also we want things done well and all are proceeding with care and (ghasp!) good taste.

Musically we have to start with known material that gives a basis for improvisation. Vastly different tempos & styels can sometimes be grafted or cobbled together in interesting ways.

I think we are closing in on something good, at least I am enjoying it and look forward to sessions agian!

Florida Mike
Contributing Member

United States

I can only Sing my Heart
Apr 17th, 2012 05:40 AM   Edit   Profile  

I have to agree with Alderandash on his original comment ---much of what was happening here has migrated to the Home Recording are of the forum, and I agree too that that is something separate...as many write and don't record...or write for a live band etc...

Michael Holmes Soundclick, 2012

Leif O. Bjorke

Seattle, WA

You will regret your decision.
Jun 19th, 2012 09:44 PM   Edit   Profile  

There are few writers.

"Even the Chop Shop and Home Recording forums are rarely visited"

True. The thread with the most activity in the recording forum is a "backing track"; much of what happens there is the creation of something to solo over.


Central NY

Jul 13th, 2012 02:50 AM   Edit   Profile  

Well sad to report that the group sort of fell apart. No meltdown drama but it didn't really get off the ground.

People have commented that they keep a pen & paper by their bedside, because ideas come to us and upon waking - they're gone! One of my curious habits now is jotting words and phrases on little snips of paper, napkins envelopes whatever is on hand, so I can save them. The pile is growing slowly.Here's a bit:

It takes more than one cup of coffee
to wake me up in the morning
I need a little taste of your sweet lips
(you getting the gist here?)

Okay not that great, but my point is we should keep at it - songs don't just burst forth fully composed - all our experiences and efforts are leading us each toward one monster awesome magnum opus.

Ya just gotta believe!


I'm not an expert

... but I play one on the internet!
Jan 16th, 2013 10:12 AM   Edit   Profile  

Ironically, I have spent most of my posting energy in the home recording forum. The stuff I post there is completely 100% original.

I just posted a song in this Tin Pan Alley forum, hoping for a change of pace and maybe a few new opinions. After I posted, I saw that the last activity dates back to summer of 2012.

I believe there's plenty of "original" music still being made. The trick is to find something original that actually says something, well. ...original.

I'd welcome any feedback on the stuff I post, but will probably wander back to the Home Recording forum in the future.

Just sayin'.

Contributing Member

QLD Australia

Jan 19th, 2013 12:34 AM   Edit   Profile  

Yeah, I guess that's where it is at.

I see the two things as completely different although one can involve the other.

I like your songs, or the ones I've heard.

I'm not sure that popular songs are successful because they say something "original". I've got a feeling there are probably only a small number of repeating themes and these are presented in a form which excites the younger generation.
The current generation will take this experience forward with them and at some point won't be intersted to hear the same story told in a different way - they know the outcome anyway.

Whatever we think it is clear that this forum is pretty much dead.


I'm not an expert

... but I play one on the internet!
Jan 20th, 2013 08:30 AM   Edit   Profile  

I guess I meant originality in the combined musical and lyrical sense. Writers tend to write about the human condition, and the fundamentals of THAT haven't changed all that much over the centuries. Love lost. Love found. Elation, depression.... it's always been there.

But taking these things and making them relatable, listenable, accessible to the common ear, if you will, is a trick.

I have not even come close to cracking that code, but it drives my own internal "quality control" process.

FDP Forum / Tin Pan Alley - Songwriting / This forum has boundless potential - why is it floundering?

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