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FDP Forum / Fender Product Reviews / Reviewing the Ltd Ed. Deluxe Vintage Player '62 a year or so later

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Jan 10th, 2008 12:07 PM   Edit   Profile  

I got an email from a fellow forum member about what I thought about this guitar. My feelings on this Strat had been mixed for a long time after purchase. Like many Strat owners, I have come to that point where initially I was unimpressed and then later I am very impressed and I wonder if somehow the guitar has gotten better. I know it hasn't, I have just learned how to appreciate it.
First, about the guitar. If you missed out on these, they were one of those great deals that come along every once in a while. First, the guitar is a hybrid between an American Deluxe and an AV '62. Instead of giving it a name that would denote that, Fender gave it one of the longest titles in Fender Strat history that gave a lot of people the impression that it was an overpriced Mexican Strat. Add to that, some of the models had issues with the neck being off tilt and making the "e" string hang almost off the fretboard. If yours was one of those models, a phillips head screw driver and five minutes of your time were all that was required to fix the issue. Lastly, for some reason the descriptions on some of the listings listed the finish as poly when in fact it was a thin skin nitro finish. When all these factors were added together, Fender discontinued the model and major dealers were selling $1400 Strats for $900. The first to go were the Oly Whites. For a few months after the discontinuation and the lowered price you could still get the Ice Blue Metallic with matching headstock. Since this is the one I wanted no Oly Whites weren't a problem for me.
Realizing that this was a good deal, in I went for my most expensive guitar purchase ever. Until that point, I had (and still do) a bunch of Squiers and my only real Fender being an '88 HM Strat (though some would debate that as being a real Fender). For about one day, I was convinced that my Strat suffered the off-kilter neck issue. It's amazing what the power of suggestion can do. Once I got past that, it was off to plug in and play with the S-1 Switching, test out the tone acoustically, and simply admire the workmanship. The first month or so, I realized that I didn't like to pick it up because I was used to grabbing an old beat up Squier and I was worried about any ding or blemish I could cause. After that, I kept noticing that though it was a beautiful guitar, in terms of acoustic tone it really wasn't any better than a few of my Squiers. This caused me to put it down for a while.
Later, I had a chance to pick up an American Series Strat from 2000. Again, the acoustic tone was not really any different than my Squier but I did notice differences. The differences were in the details not what I consider the major factors for a great guitar. This prompted me to pull out the ltd ed dvp '62. There it was, a beautiful guitar that had been abandoned for quite a while by me. It has one of the brightest tones of any of the guitars I own. Workmanship was very nice though the frets were a tiny bit on the sharp side. The neck is a very high gloss. Probably not the best for fast playing but I like the challenge now of wearing it in. The Strat does lack a twangyness but I think that has a lot to do with how bright the alder is. It gives the leadwork an almost Gibson like quality and really chimes on rhythm. Anyway, sorry for the long post but if you can ever find one of these for a decent price, it's probably worth grabbing.

Strat with really long title.

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FDP Forum / Fender Product Reviews / Reviewing the Ltd Ed. Deluxe Vintage Player '62 a year or so later

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