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FDP Forum / Fender Product Reviews / Fender 1270 floor monitors

Rusty Sterling
Contributing Member

^ (¿) ^

Clean feet for that oh so fresh feeling
Oct 24th, 2006 03:58 PM   Edit   Profile  

I think it's about time I posted a review of these little monitors. I have 4 that I've been using for about 3 years now.

Let's start with the band. Bass (Ashdown ABM300 2x10 combo), drums, keyboardist (Motion Sound amp - not sure of the model), guitar (Silverface Princeton), sax, two female vocalists. I run a direct line from the keyboardists amp, sometimes mic the guitar, and certainly mic the sax. Other vocalists are bass and keyboardist (and sometimes sax player). I use a Mackie 808S for mixing and amps, run the monitors from one channel at a 2 ohm load. We play primarily in bars.

Biggest plus for me was price: I got them on sale from MF for $119 each. Next big plus is light weight and small footprint. They are easy to carry with the built in handles. And they just don't seem to ever be in the way on stage. Also, I've never seen a dancer trip over one of them like I've seen with many wedge monitors.

Sound is decent. Now these aren't EAWs, but I can EQ them decently enough so that the voices punch through the stage volumn without feeding back. I also put the keyboard and sax into the monitors and they don't over power the vocals. I never put guitar into the monitors.

These are really easy to setup and I run the four of them in a parallel string. With those 4x10s stretched across the front of the band nobody has any trouble hearing them.

The only real con I've noted is that the edge molding sometimes comes off and it isn't easy to get back on.

I've heard of other players who blew these things up after about a month of gigging. You don't really have to push these that hard to get a good sound. My guitar player gets a bit loud and that is another issue. But even then I can drive them enough that the vocalists never complain about not hearing themselves.

Like I said above, I've had mine for 3 years and never had a problem. For a bar band these are really ideal. I wouldn't hesitate to use them on a bigger stage.

AFAIC, these little monitors are great bang for the buck. I've never regretted purchasing them.

Rusty Sterling & Friends

Rusty Sterling
Contributing Member

^ (¿) ^

Who you callin' an oxymoron?
Jul 25th, 2008 12:24 PM   Edit   Profile  

Just an update: Have used them now for almost 5 years and would say everything I said above. These little monitors are real beauties and have stood up to regular bar gigging with absolutely no trouble.

The only issues I've had are about the molding (which I noted above) and now a couple of the screws in the handle of one monitor have worked loose. Obviously, there is a nut inside that has come off and the screws just dropped out. I'm sure I could fix it but I just keep my eye on the screws that are left (two more) and keep them tight.

I expect to keep gigging with these monitors until they blow up, or I die.

(This message was last edited by Rusty Sterling at 12:28 PM, Jul 25th, 2008)

FDP Forum / Fender Product Reviews / Fender 1270 floor monitors

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