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FDP Forum / Fender Product Reviews / Fender "American Amber" Stratocaster


Durham, NC

Apr 10th, 2003 01:49 PM   Edit   Profile  

This is a review of the Fender "American Amber" Stratocaster. This is a Fender Special Run (FSR) American Strat. This guitar was custom-designed for the Mid Atlantic Region in the fall of 2002. There were 100 of these guitars commissioned for this run.

Part number: 017-4902-720

Specifications: Solid ash body, maple neck, Custom shop white moto pickguard, custom transparent "Amber" finish and hardshell case.

Note: The Amber finish is now available for 2003 according to the 2003 Fender Frontline magazine.

Setup: The intonation was perfect. The action was a little high (aprox. 6/64 at 12th fret). I was able to lower this to 4.5/64th with almost no fret buzz. Pickup height: All 3 pickups were set to 8/64th of the bass side and 6/64th on the treble side.

Body/Finish: I couldn't find one flaw in the high-gloss, amber finish (usually I find 2-3 imperfections). The body consist of 2 pieces of ash. Practically the only way you can see where the two pieces join, is by looking at the end of the body (e.g. the strap lock area). This is unusual because I once owned a natural finish American Strat where the body contained 5 pieces of wood and you could see what appeared to be wood filler in a couple of spots underneath the transparent finish.

Neck: The neck was a little bowed (.015"), reset it to .010". The fret work was perfect and there were no nicks on the fretboard surface or edges. In fact, if the maple was figured and the fretboard lacquered, it would of looked like a Custom Shop neck.

Sound: Great balanced sound which seemed to have higher output on the neck/middle pickups than other American Strats. Moving the pickup selector to choose the Middle/Bridge pickups, produces a slight acoustic sound.

Price: List price for this Strat (based on dealer price tag) is $1285.00. So you should be able to workout a deal for under $1000, probably $899 if you are lucky or a good customer.

Other Info: The "American Amber" Strat comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the FMIC District Sales Manager. Although my sales tag shows (1 of 100), there is no identification on the guitar or certificate to confirm the production sequence.



Apr 20th, 2003 11:22 AM   Edit   Profile  

I just missed out on the Amber Strat, BUT,
I was in my local dealer's last week, and as luck would have it, the District Manager called while I was there and told them that a limited 100 Telecasters are now being done for the Mid Atlantic.
Sort of on the same line as the 52 R.I. in Butterscotch w/blk. pickguard, but with nocaster Pups and rolled edge fretboard, etc. etc.

Needless to say, this one is mine before it gets to the dealer.

The Amber Strat is put back on layaway for someone and I told them if the deal falls through, I'll take that one also. Its a real beauty.

I wonder if Fender is doing this on the West Coast, Gulf Coast, or Great Lakes area???
Can't be that us Mid-Atlantic folks are that special can it?



Apr 23rd, 2003 06:54 AM   Edit   Profile  

I to have a amber strat, great sounding guitar. Set up fair, always need the fine tune up on new guitars. Bought mine in Shelbyville Tn. Along with a 65 fender duluxe reverb amp.

Brian B.

United States

Apr 23rd, 2003 07:17 AM   Edit   Profile  

Dlduncan - did this amber strat come from the Music Loft?


Durham, NC

Apr 25th, 2003 12:55 PM   Edit   Profile  

Yes Brian, I purchased my amber strat from Music Loft in Durham, NC.

Note: One other fact that I failed to mention about the Amber Strat, it doesn't have the "Special Edition" sticker on the back of the headstock typical of Fender Special Runs. My guess is because this run was requested by Fender's Mid-Atlanic district manager and not by AIMM (The Alliance of Independent Music Merchants).

Since I have purchased a number of guitars from this dealer, the store manager Tony (or one of his sales staff) will usually tell me about a guitar that might interest me. Joel Jones sold me the American "Amber Strat", thanks Joel!

Music Loft knows if I am not completely satisfied with a guitar, I will return it under the store's return policy. However I probably returned some great strats that just needed a setup before I learned how to setup a Strat myself. Thanks for this skill goes to Fender's Jack Schwartz whom I met at a clinic in Raleigh, NC several years ago. An improper setup (e.g. intonation and pickup height) can have a major impact on the sound of a Strat!

(This message was last edited by dlduncan at 01:21 PM, Apr 25th, 2003)



Jul 26th, 2003 09:02 PM   Edit   Profile  

Its a happy day!

I got a call from my local dealer saying that the person who had the American Amber 1 of 100 Strat's on lay-away had decided he couldn't get it after all.

Its now in its brand new home!
(the 1 of 100 Tele's hasn't come in yet, but now I've got something to keep me company till it does.)



Play it like it's rented!
Oct 8th, 2003 11:18 PM   Edit   Profile  

Can someone post a picture of one of these? Just curious!


Bomb Guy


May 6th, 2004 02:14 PM   Edit   Profile  

I purchased the "Amber" Strat dlduncan is talking about at Chamber Music in Nashville in March of 04. It's beautiful. Can anyone else add anything about these "Amber" Strats?


United States

Christopher J MacAlpine
Jun 11th, 2004 08:27 PM   Edit   Profile  

I bought one in April 2003. Just walked by a music store here in NYC and saw it hanging on the wall. Had no idea at the time what it was until I did some research based upon what I read here at the forum. It is absolutely beautiful, plays like a dream, sounds like butter. you can here it here on the song Jump.
I have since changed the neck pickup to an SD Cool Rails and the bridge to an SD Hot Rails becuase I needed the power. I replaced the middle tone control with a push-pull pot and left the Delta Tone pot on the bridge pick up. Man, oh man, that thing smokes.

My Songs

(This message was last edited by americanamber at 07:43 AM, Jun 14th, 2004)



Jul 19th, 2011 06:31 PM   Edit   Profile  

The American Amber Strat was indeed a limited run of 100 guitars. The guitar was designed by Fender Mid Atlantic District Sales Rep. Cole Eunson. A very nice design that plays great. I do not have one of the limited run of 100 guitars. I have the prototype built by Fender for Cole Eunson. That's right. #0 of 100

(This message was last edited by photogazer at 12:24 PM, Apr 17th, 2013)

FDP Forum / Fender Product Reviews / Fender "American Amber" Stratocaster

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