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FDP Forum / All Other Fender Guitars and Instruments / Toronado Players Club MkII

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Contributing Member

Scottsdale, AZ, USA

"Within you, without you..."
Jan 16th, 2003 07:34 AM   Edit   Profile  

If I understood the 'review' post above, the Toronado has the front and back contours the same as a Strat? Yes? Is it as comfortable to play sitting down as a Strat? I have the desire for a short scale HH guitar but I'm spoiled by the comfort of a Strat's double contours...



If in doubt leave it out !
Jan 16th, 2003 07:56 AM   Edit   Profile  

yep they are checkout the pic

US Toro Back


New Jersey

Jan 16th, 2003 08:10 AM   Edit   Profile  

Actually, and this is from a devout Strat lover...the Toro is more comfortable IMHO!

I have four strats...and I pick up the Toro everyday when I just want to noodle. The strats may not get touched for a few days. It's just a comfort thing. Don't get me wrong I will not part with my strats...But the Toros aren't going anywhere either. My problem is I have two Toros and don't know which of those to play everyday.

These HW 1's apparently come with Atomic II's. Black Doves are not offered? It will be another lifetime 'til we see these in the stores. I have yet to see a live American Special. If anyone has a retail number on these please shout it out.


New Jersey

Jan 18th, 2003 01:47 PM   Edit   Profile  

Ernie... check your mail.



If in doubt leave it out !
Jan 18th, 2003 03:10 PM   Edit   Profile  

wow nice pic !

it's up on the TPC...

guys click below to see Dragonfires Toros (Yes 2 of them !!)




New Jersey

Jan 18th, 2003 08:24 PM   Edit   Profile  

I had a notion to pile up my 4 strats strewn on the floor haphazardly with the Toros triumpantly set atop. This would have certainly raised the hackles of some strat purists. Then the thought occurred to me that my wife would walk in and see all this conspicious consumption on her living room floor in numbers she has no idea about. I already live in purgatory, that would have been expressway to hell!!!

BTW.... the Toro emblem was placed in the upper part of the case since it attaches with speed clips that protrude through the case. This area closes over the accessory comparment with no chance of scratching the guitar.


Seal Beach , Ca. USA

it should be louder
Jan 20th, 2003 01:28 PM   Edit   Profile  

Any reviews/comments on the Amer. Toronado w/AtomicII humbuckers and the 4 volume/tone control knobs?

Russ Imburgia
Contributing Member


Jan 20th, 2003 01:35 PM   Edit   Profile  

Well the switch is different from the *normal* Gibson layout but I think I've got it mastered now :)
The volume knobs are the same deal as most 4 knob guitars in that if you are in the middle position both volume controls must be off zero or you get nada.



If in doubt leave it out !
Jan 20th, 2003 01:44 PM   Edit   Profile  

I switch between my Tele, Toronado, and Washburn N4 on gigs.....

I've been seen many a time trying to flip a PU selector switch that simply ain't there !!




If in doubt leave it out !
Jan 27th, 2003 04:53 AM   Edit   Profile  

anyone else got a Toro ?

Contributing Member

Romulus, MI.

FDPGF-TPC I'll just wait over here.
Jan 29th, 2003 05:01 PM   Edit   Profile  

OK, What the heck is going on around here?
Bluesmama and I started the TPC thread way back when, then the FDP had a melt down and a whole lot of fun, interesting, and informative posts about the best kept secret in the Fender product line gets trashed! :(
Then another picks up the challenge and restarts the TPC thread and it was slowly building.
Now I come back after a long forced sabbatical away from my computer to find that the second thread has disappeared as well! :(
I'm hoping that Ernie ( I can call you Ernie Can't I?) can keep this thing going, I mean we need someone who can keep the word going on our beloved Toro's. I, alas will be unable to stay on top of things the way I used to as I have been on the day shift now for over a year and can no longer log on and post every day like I could when I was on midnights. And I'm also in the process of packing up my household to make the big move to the land of sunshine and the giant mouse (as soon as I can sell my house), so computer time is going to be hard to get!!!
But please keep spreading the word, and keep playing!

Contributing Member


Jan 30th, 2003 01:27 AM   Edit   Profile  

Hey lowgear, howdy! Yup, our good friend Ernie has picked up the Toro torch for us (yeah, Ernie!), but our other Toro fiends have been absent for awhile.

So you're heading out here to SoCal??? It's certainly been warmer than where you are: balmy 80's. Good luck sellin' your place.

Still haven't played a Toro with Doves yet, and am eager to see the new Highway 1 Toros.



If in doubt leave it out !
Jan 30th, 2003 02:11 AM   Edit   Profile  

thanks guys !

so this is really Toro thread mkIII ?

Lowgear send us a pic of your Toro and I will add it to the TPC Gallery. I've put this site up with all the Toro info & pics I can find.

I'll visiting the land of the original and smaller mouse (LA) in April so hopefully I will return with another Toro !!


TPC Site



If in doubt leave it out !
Jan 30th, 2003 02:12 AM   Edit   Profile  

BTW forgot to add.

yours truly & his Toro was featured on Fender Europe's website a few months back.

Me & my Toro


New Jersey

Jan 30th, 2003 06:32 AM   Edit   Profile  

If you're looking for an American Special to take home Ernie forget it ! You can't find one!!!! I mean Musician's Friend doen't even list one in their catalog. It is so bizarre... the MIA status of this guitar.

Russ Imburgia
Contributing Member


Jan 30th, 2003 06:47 AM   Edit   Profile  

"...doen't(sic) even list one in their catalog..."

They can order 'em if they want to.

"... It is so bizarre... the MIA status of this guitar...."

Any *good* Fender dealer can check the stock status online if they have a computer. :) I had my dealer check and order 01/03/03 and had the hardware 01/13/03. :)



If in doubt leave it out !
Jan 30th, 2003 08:30 AM   Edit   Profile  

Hmmmm I'd like to try one for sure when I go over...but I won't have time to order one so it will have to be whats in stock.

I'll be in LA so I presume with the large number of guitar stores I should be able to find one ?

what about the Hw1 Toros any ideas when they'll hit the stores ??

What sort of stuff is normally kept in stock in GCs and the like ?

over here in Europe anything from a MIM up has to be ordered !


Russ Imburgia
Contributing Member


Jan 30th, 2003 10:01 AM   Edit   Profile  

Oh I wouldn't presume anything. As dragonfire mentioned you can't find these in stores. This is true of any of the esoteric models. The stores stock known good sellers but they can't know how these would sell if they don't stock 'em! ?$@#* ;-)



If in doubt leave it out !
Jan 30th, 2003 11:45 AM   Edit   Profile  


Hopefully by April they will change their minds!

then again I could order one :-() ????

dunno we will see



New Jersey

Jan 30th, 2003 12:26 PM   Edit   Profile  

My problem is I want to HEAR the Black Doves on the Alder body,(like yours Russ), Before I decide.
In addition...the MIA's have the grain showing through and I would hate to order one with some ugly knot or crazyass grain pattern peeking through. Then I would have to send it back with all that hassle. I went down that road with my first Toro with Musician's Friend.

Ernie I have pretty good access to the NYC markets and no one I know has seen a MIA Special. I had some banter with Morgan from Fender about this on the "Ask Fender" thread awhile back.

BTW anyone see the CAR Toro that just went on Ebay for under $300....that was a nice deal!

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FDP Forum / All Other Fender Guitars and Instruments / Toronado Players Club MkII

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