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FDP Forum / FDP Classifieds - For Sale and Wanted ads

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TopicPosts OriginatorLast Post
FOR SALE: Lefty Ibanez AM93 Semi-Hollow & hardshell case 2 reverend mikey Apr 12th, 2016
08:22 AM
1973 Fender Bronco Amp $450 3 keithb7 Apr 12th, 2016
07:45 AM
For Sale: Epiphone WildKat w/ Bigsby 8 Hammond101 Apr 7th, 2016
06:47 AM
WTB - Fender Vintage Noiseless Strat Pickup Set 1 Mick Reid Apr 3rd, 2016
09:51 PM
L Series 1963 Stratocaster For Sale $9,999 1 levelheaded Apr 2nd, 2016
12:59 PM
WTB: Cabronita Tele Body 1 DrumBob Mar 27th, 2016
03:07 PM
FS: Bad Cat Cub III 30 head 1 Fro Mar 27th, 2016
12:38 PM
WANTED - classic vibe 50s P bass, Bassman 135 1 onebigknob Mar 24th, 2016
04:01 PM
For Sale: Epiphone Mandobird VIII 2 1600 Mar 21st, 2016
02:20 PM
For Sale: Alvarez MPA66SHB 12-fret slot head acoustic NEW! 1 Ragtop Mar 21st, 2016
09:12 AM
FS- Warmoth Tele Body $200 1 1600 Mar 20th, 2016
08:30 PM
FS: 1964 L series custom shop strat 1 Geetarguy415 Mar 14th, 2016
09:53 AM
For Sale: Floyd Trem, Tubes, Effects, Misc. 1 bluzcat Mar 13th, 2016
02:12 PM
For Sale: 1988 Fender American Telecaster in Excellent Condition 1 Ryder Mar 12th, 2016
04:47 PM
Trades? 3 twangdoodles Mar 12th, 2016
06:29 AM
DR Z Maz 18NR head 1 freddycaster Mar 10th, 2016
09:10 AM
2008 Vibro-King Stack for trade 1 back breaker Mar 9th, 2016
01:04 PM
Attn: swampyankee - concerning your J-Station post 1 littleuch Mar 9th, 2016
09:28 AM
For Sale: Dillion of Canada SG with P-90's 7 Patton Mar 8th, 2016
06:41 PM
Pickups - Nocaster, Lollar Vintage T's, DiMarzio Strat set 2 littleuch Mar 4th, 2016
09:58 AM
For Sale 1980's Ray Ban Shooter Frames 1 1600 Mar 2nd, 2016
03:24 PM
FS: Seymour Duncan Telecaster Pickups 4 willie Mar 2nd, 2016
12:43 PM
For Sale: Pro Jr. - first style 5 Patton Mar 1st, 2016
07:59 PM
Fender Super Champ XD 1 willie Mar 1st, 2016
01:51 PM
DigiTech Trio Band Creator Pedal with FS3X Footswitch 1 willie Mar 1st, 2016
01:18 PM
WTB or trade for: Vintage profile Fender Tele neck 6 Chris Greene Feb 29th, 2016
10:22 AM
For Sale: Rivera-Era Super Champ 7 orrk01 Feb 27th, 2016
11:23 AM
Gretsch Brain Setzer and Martin '37 D-18A For Sale 1 6L6 Feb 27th, 2016
08:58 AM
For Sale: Bandmaster VM 4 swampyankee Feb 25th, 2016
05:59 AM
For Sale: Kinman Traditional MkII Strat Pickup Set 1 Seachild Feb 23rd, 2016
01:19 PM
For Sale: Cervantes Cutaway Flamenco 1 jefe46 Feb 23rd, 2016
01:06 PM
For Sale or Trade: 1977 Alvarez-Yairi DY-57 1 Ragtop Feb 23rd, 2016
12:41 PM
For Sale: Custom Vibrolux Reverb 1 swampyankee Feb 23rd, 2016
06:03 AM
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FDP Forum / FDP Classifieds - For Sale and Wanted ads

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