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FDP Forum / The 'Pup' Tent

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TopicPosts OriginatorLast Post
Original Vintage Tele pickups from around 2000-2002 1 mr.gibson Nov 3rd, 2015
10:36 PM
NPUPD! 2 professor Oct 29th, 2015
01:56 PM
Gibson 57 Classics or burstbucker on a R8 Les Paul? 5 Deep Oct 26th, 2015
12:44 PM
Fishman Fluence pickups 6 CVH Sep 21st, 2015
07:13 AM
Hotter pickups- using Gold Lace Sensor 2 1958Bassman Sep 21st, 2015
06:42 AM
Custom pickups bought on ebay..or are they? 6 clemv Sep 16th, 2015
05:22 AM
Harry DeArmond - Pickup Genius 11 spud1950 Sep 15th, 2015
03:24 AM
Out of phase tone with P90 pickups? 10 CWL651 Sep 11th, 2015
02:40 PM
Are these installed correctly? 3 Martin G Sep 11th, 2015
12:58 PM
Retrotron Liverpool Vintage Alnico Humbucker in alder solid body? 6 Tony Salieri Aug 10th, 2015
03:36 PM
CS Twisted Tele neck pickup, help please! 14 Mick Reid Aug 3rd, 2015
07:11 PM
Dimarzio HS-2 wiring question 2 Mike the marksman Aug 3rd, 2015
02:50 PM
Lawrence Pickups Installed after long wait. 8 RAGPICKER Jul 24th, 2015
07:32 AM
Epiphone P90 pots? 3 CWL651 Jul 22nd, 2015
06:04 PM
need P90 and Humbucker combo--help 10 telewired Jul 16th, 2015
12:52 PM
For you fans of the Fender wide range humbucker and the clones 5 Guitar Fool Jul 16th, 2015
12:40 PM
Tele pickup install question 4 fujitrekker Jun 27th, 2015
03:18 PM
Vintage P-Bass Pickup Rewind 2 ThunderClaus Jun 25th, 2015
09:27 PM
Review of the GFS 'Gold Foil' humbuckers 20 Peegoo Jun 22nd, 2015
02:22 PM
Pickup height question 4 telewired Jun 21st, 2015
07:46 PM
Wilkinson Strat pickups 7 JohnS Jun 16th, 2015
10:14 AM
GFS humbucking P90 Replacement 13 neilp Jun 3rd, 2015
04:47 PM
Stew Mac Overwound Golden Age Bridge Humbucker 4 celius Jun 2nd, 2015
07:55 PM
Extra black wire on pickguard??? 4 Coral Head May 23rd, 2015
05:55 AM
which pickup is which? 4 Mike the marksman May 22nd, 2015
07:10 PM
Quarterpounder, lil 59er or lil screamin demon for strat bridge ? 6 Superduper May 22nd, 2015
06:49 PM
Need new pups for my Tele. 13 BbendFender May 13th, 2015
05:58 AM
HSS strat pickup question 5 telewired May 12th, 2015
06:23 PM
Tell me about Rocketfire 52 Tele pickups... 2 telewired May 10th, 2015
04:20 PM
Pickups magnets to close to speaker degaussing? How close? 5 twangy May 10th, 2015
03:00 PM
Pickup questions which keep me awake at night: 13 mr.gibson May 4th, 2015
08:00 PM
Seeking Bridge Humbucker suggestions for a Vintage style Strat 15 Viera May 4th, 2015
06:41 PM
Anyone else find the custom shop Fat 50's, not so fat? 35 74 special May 3rd, 2015
10:34 AM
Tell me your experience (good/bad/indifferent) with noiseless P90's 15 littleuch May 1st, 2015
09:01 AM
Gibson changed up their P90s... 12 Peegoo Apr 30th, 2015
06:04 AM
Pickup question 6 Z4Cz28 Apr 27th, 2015
09:14 PM
Recommend me some Tele PUs 10 LUVLEO Apr 25th, 2015
12:29 AM
Wiring question for Telecaster - Bill Lawrens T4+1 1 tdk Apr 13th, 2015
03:32 AM
Do pickups "settle"? 15 gdw3 Apr 2nd, 2015
09:57 AM
Ordered some Wilde Bill's NF Singles 25 Mick Reid Mar 18th, 2015
10:17 PM
Changing Out One Specific Killer Pup to Another Guitar? 8 celius Feb 26th, 2015
02:03 PM
DiMarzio Area 61 phase question 11 Mick Reid Feb 26th, 2015
09:23 AM
Texas Specials and Telecaster question 17 super mario Feb 25th, 2015
08:50 PM
HSS strat - autosplit H in pos4 AND series/parallel option? 3 shg Feb 23rd, 2015
09:17 PM
Signal mysteries 7 scott-s Feb 19th, 2015
06:53 PM
Let's talk Gibson Humbuckers: What's the breakdown between 496R, 490R, & 500T? 3 Stew Feb 12th, 2015
07:43 PM
1954 original Gretsch Electromatic Dynasonic pickup wiring 5 reddeluxe Feb 10th, 2015
09:13 PM
Best cheap SSS loaded pickguard 15 hemet Feb 9th, 2015
09:53 PM
StewMac's Parson Street H/B 36 henrycat Jan 31st, 2015
11:22 AM
Gibson mini humbucker- I need an alternative 8 professor Jan 30th, 2015
10:06 PM
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FDP Forum / The 'Pup' Tent

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