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FDP Forum / The 'Pup' Tent

Next 50 Topics
TopicPosts OriginatorLast Post
Tele Deluxe thinline pups? Noiseless or what? 3 Ryder Jul 14th, 2018
06:07 PM
DiMarzio Area Noiseless Singles Comparison 11 DrKev Jul 12th, 2018
09:31 AM
Replacement Pickups in Tokai Strat 10 ezra1 Jul 10th, 2018
03:25 AM
Putting the T-Tops back in the Les Paul - Changing polepiece orientation ? 25 Stratmanx Jun 18th, 2018
12:36 PM
output on classic vibe tele pups 11 Tony F Jun 2nd, 2018
06:58 PM
Fender Pure Vintage 64s and Original Vintage Telecaster pickups 12 pcalu May 31st, 2018
08:41 PM
Bare knuckles pickups 8 Lmrg21 May 16th, 2018
01:10 PM
Strat Pickup set suggestions welcome.. 21 avsalesman May 16th, 2018
01:03 PM
Pre-cbs pickups 8 Collin1A May 16th, 2018
01:01 PM
re Barden (JBE) pups for strat 6 juliocesar May 16th, 2018
05:01 AM
2 sets of CS69 pickups , 2 Strats very different sound 11 klickflip May 9th, 2018
09:44 AM
Anyone Like the Dimarzio 36th Anniversary PAF? 3 celius May 8th, 2018
05:31 AM
bill lawrence l-500xl usa pickup wiring in a HSS strat 6 Masonb002 May 1st, 2018
07:20 PM
Seymour Duncan Blackouts 2 stiggowitz Apr 6th, 2018
09:31 AM
P90 Question/Comment 13 Tony F Apr 5th, 2018
05:49 PM
Decisions decisions 5 Arizona Michael Apr 2nd, 2018
05:26 PM
Anyone used the Ancho Poblano Pup set 2 gscorvid Mar 24th, 2018
11:17 AM
Solderless pup connectors 28 Purple Valley Mar 16th, 2018
01:44 PM
Humbucker replacement for a P90 14 spacedawg Mar 15th, 2018
08:25 AM
Rewind recommendations ? 26 JJuran Mar 14th, 2018
08:15 AM
Anyone have any problems with Fender Gen 4 pickups? 1 blackstrat Mar 8th, 2018
09:21 PM
Tele neck pickup 6 Therealfrogman Mar 3rd, 2018
03:07 PM
Tele pups 7 avsalesman Feb 27th, 2018
04:25 PM
Pole spacing 11 avsalesman Feb 23rd, 2018
07:52 PM
New Toneriders for my Strat 5 avsalesman Feb 20th, 2018
01:20 PM
Fender designed pups on new Squier vintage modified PJ bass? 1 Tony F Feb 4th, 2018
08:55 AM
Stealth pickups 4 Therealfrogman Feb 3rd, 2018
10:48 AM
Vintage Upgrade Reissue '52 RI bridge pickup 3 Lmrg21 Jan 25th, 2018
12:28 PM
Telecaster 52 Re-issue blonde/natural 13 Lmrg21 Jan 24th, 2018
09:18 PM
Need Pup Advice for my Strat! 19 6L6 Jan 23rd, 2018
04:08 AM
Cheap vs Expensive PUPS 4 avsalesman Jan 22nd, 2018
12:47 PM
Nocaster bridge pickup 4 Lmrg21 Jan 22nd, 2018
12:09 PM
Seymour Duncan Hendrix pickups 9 Ryan17 Jan 22nd, 2018
11:32 AM
Anyone have experience with "Duncan Designed" SC-101 pickups? 7 Mick Reid Jan 19th, 2018
03:44 PM
2011 FSR MIM telecaster bridge pickup 6 Lmrg21 Jan 18th, 2018
10:11 AM
Lipstick on Strats 3 scott-s Jan 14th, 2018
03:42 PM
Abby Masterwounds, again... 463 SMark Jan 8th, 2018
10:41 AM
SMark 20 Leftee Jan 8th, 2018
01:06 AM
Who Makes a Truly Superb HB-sized P90? 21 Leftee Jan 4th, 2018
03:52 PM
Strat pickup design, ceramic MIM vs others, Am Std, Duncans, etc. 12 DuffB2 Jan 3rd, 2018
06:27 PM
Virgil Arlo Pickups 3 Sharkie Jan 3rd, 2018
07:07 AM
Whats the deal with the Highway one Tele bridge pup? 4 Therealfrogman Jan 1st, 2018
08:39 PM
Mini bucker for a Tele. 4 stiggowitz Dec 14th, 2017
05:42 PM
Seymour Duncan SHR-1B Hot Rails or Dimarzio DP218 Super Distortion 6 Bill D. Dec 14th, 2017
05:00 PM
Help with ID'ing a possible Custom Shop pup? 6 vomer Dec 12th, 2017
03:54 PM
Surprised by Fender Hot Noiseless pups 155 Lolo Dec 8th, 2017
03:47 PM
Brandonwound pickups plug 1 Therealfrogman Dec 6th, 2017
11:37 AM
How many of you using Custom Shop 69' PU's 9 roadhog96 Dec 5th, 2017
03:14 AM
How I learned to like the P100 and overcome the visual illusion 4 nuke Dec 4th, 2017
11:29 PM
Black Friday Sale - StewMac 3 Leftee Nov 27th, 2017
11:50 AM
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FDP Forum / The 'Pup' Tent

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