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TopicPosts OriginatorLast Post
Tuning with tremolo 5 mojodelic Sep 8th, 2016
10:21 AM
Theory Question - Beatles "When I saw her standing there" 19 Ironlion Aug 26th, 2016
08:43 AM
Help for brittle finger nails? 17 Ricey Aug 26th, 2016
05:08 AM
Mark Knopfler acoustic technique 7 tiller2 Aug 24th, 2016
03:44 PM
Is Jimmy Page in a unique tuning her, or is this just plain ol' standard 4 Charlie Macon Jun 27th, 2016
11:57 AM
Life's Been Good To Me So Far 7 JAFO May 14th, 2016
02:26 PM
Need help with "Everything I want" by Jace Everett 6 tdk May 6th, 2016
03:59 AM
Jim Lill -Twanger 4 Pinetree Apr 20th, 2016
08:39 AM
Teachers 6 Malcolm Apr 18th, 2016
10:06 PM
Manic Depression help (the song, not the illness!) 9 Mick Reid Apr 18th, 2016
04:36 PM
Essentials of leanring a song 10 Frus500 Apr 18th, 2016
11:02 AM
Question for people that use OD/DIST 10 mojodelic Apr 16th, 2016
12:11 AM
Warren Haynes-Before the Bullets Fly Chords 2 Tori Apr 7th, 2016
03:38 PM
Stuff People play wrong with Kid Anderson 10 windmill Apr 2nd, 2016
01:37 AM
Can anyone break this down? 4 larryguitar19 Mar 30th, 2016
10:46 AM
My old band doing "Fire On The Mountain" 14 BbendFender Mar 28th, 2016
05:11 PM
Writing with Nashville Numbers 16 6stringlust Mar 23rd, 2016
04:11 PM
Do you tend to learn songs "naked".... 15 super mario Mar 21st, 2016
11:09 AM
Blackmore Style 5 whospink Mar 20th, 2016
07:21 PM
Muting Strings for Slide 17 5Strats Mar 3rd, 2016
11:09 PM
Need some help on South City MIdnight Lady 13 stinger22 Mar 3rd, 2016
08:35 PM
How to play the Gdem chord? 8 Peegoo Feb 29th, 2016
11:08 PM
Life gets in the way: Anybody go through this? 31 drksd4848 Feb 26th, 2016
01:59 PM
Playing lead while using capo... 6 super mario Feb 25th, 2016
09:51 PM
I'm finding out that I am just not MR. Blues and Blues rocker any more 4 jay1vinton Feb 25th, 2016
06:45 PM
Hawaiian Slack Key: Anyone else play any? 7 milhouse Feb 25th, 2016
02:18 PM
What do you read when practice/learning? 4 AlohaEd Feb 9th, 2016
08:25 PM
Improvising--Conversational Solos 11 Tyrone Shuz Feb 6th, 2016
03:03 PM
"Mother" timing lesson 1 whospink Feb 4th, 2016
12:31 PM
Part II of Conversational Solos--non-blues! 2 Tyrone Shuz Jan 22nd, 2016
04:25 PM
Rebel rebel question 4 revhead Jan 22nd, 2016
04:24 PM
acoustic/eclectic 3 thumbpicker Jan 18th, 2016
03:51 PM
Is it possible to learn music theory 24 mr.gibson Dec 25th, 2015
01:54 PM
45 Ways To Bend A Guitar String 5 4514 Dec 22nd, 2015
07:23 PM
Hmm this chord what is it 10 Rigby1027 Dec 10th, 2015
06:05 PM
I feel like a kid again 5 ninworks Nov 21st, 2015
07:27 PM
One Finger Guitar Trick 2 4514 Nov 21st, 2015
05:37 PM
Triads 13 tiller2 Nov 16th, 2015
05:28 PM
Excellent YT western swing lessons 1 CVH Nov 16th, 2015
12:33 PM
How much pick do you expose from your grip? 13 littleuch Nov 15th, 2015
05:45 AM
The intro to Train, Train (Blackfoot) 3 Peegoo Nov 9th, 2015
06:40 PM
I was looking at a few of the Beatles songs and You Tube lessons 10 catnineblue Nov 1st, 2015
04:48 PM
Where do you pick? 8 shunka Oct 30th, 2015
02:35 PM
Detuned! 7 thumbpicker Oct 28th, 2015
09:46 AM
Where does the time go 6 ninworks Oct 27th, 2015
09:55 PM
Tips on submitting a demo tape to establishments 14 Waggler Oct 27th, 2015
02:40 PM
Elbow / wrist position 6 Mick Reid Oct 27th, 2015
08:49 AM
Bobby Neal's steel sound 6 Lotus18 Oct 26th, 2015
04:16 PM
Sleepwalk -final 3 chords 14 dickieg52 Oct 16th, 2015
12:38 PM
"Out In The Country"-Three Dog Night 4 littleuch Oct 3rd, 2015
02:54 PM
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FDP Forum / The Chop Shop

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