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FDP Forum / Moe's Tavern (_8^(I)

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Posting in Moe's is for Contributing Members only 1 Chris Greene Mar 4th, 2018
07:18 AM
So yesterday was number 40 for Mrs NSR and me 12 NoSoapRadio Sep 16th, 2019
11:27 PM
The other... 2 Taildragger Sep 16th, 2019
11:18 PM
Gas Price Watch - Round III 409 Chris Greene Sep 16th, 2019
08:40 PM
Eggs - which kind to buy? 42 Chris Greene Sep 16th, 2019
08:39 PM
Spy Cam catches Peegoo... 4 Taildragger Sep 16th, 2019
08:34 PM
RIP Ric Ocasek 23 Ragtop Sep 16th, 2019
06:11 PM
Why are so many truisms so easily forgotten? 16 littleuch Sep 16th, 2019
04:55 PM
RIP Tom Roehl (TeleThom) 35 HeavyDuty Sep 16th, 2019
04:54 PM
Do you have an air compressor in your shop? Here's a tip. 6 Peegoo Sep 16th, 2019
04:51 PM
Happy Birthday B.B. King! 5 Peegoo Sep 16th, 2019
02:20 PM
How do your Walmarts compare to ours? 35 Chris Greene Sep 16th, 2019
01:51 PM
Large bird in the back yard this morning 9 walshb Sep 16th, 2019
12:50 PM
Borat is a spy 11 NoSoapRadio Sep 16th, 2019
12:24 PM
Am I the Oldest FDP'er Still Snow Skiing? 13 6L6 Sep 16th, 2019
11:56 AM
When all grocery stores ban plastic bags..... 32 Doc Sarvis Sep 16th, 2019
10:01 AM
So, what would YOUR idea of a "miracle guitar" be? 13 HenryJ Sep 16th, 2019
08:54 AM
What's your favourite album for its production? 51 langford Sep 16th, 2019
08:50 AM
The one that got away .... didn't. (she just doesn't know it) 2 Gato Sep 16th, 2019
08:29 AM
Veterinary Social Worker 1 Gato Sep 16th, 2019
06:28 AM
Anyone shooting 35mm slide film these days? 23 Chris Greene Sep 16th, 2019
06:01 AM
Million Dollar Toilet Goes Missing 1 Gato Sep 16th, 2019
05:31 AM
NFL 2019 50 Timmer Sep 16th, 2019
05:24 AM
Help with morning glories? 7 langford Sep 15th, 2019
09:20 PM
Justified (PLEASE no spoilers) 17 mfitz804 Sep 15th, 2019
05:46 PM
Never judge a book by its cover...even if you've read it. 4 Peegoo Sep 15th, 2019
03:18 PM
Well, this is disturbing... 4 Taildragger Sep 15th, 2019
03:06 PM
Everybody Wang Chung, alright now? 5 Peegoo Sep 15th, 2019
12:56 PM
Mayday! Mayday! 4 Gato Sep 15th, 2019
09:39 AM
Going under the knife the 17th 146 Ryder Sep 15th, 2019
06:33 AM
A PSA to all Law Enforcement 7 littleuch Sep 14th, 2019
06:03 PM
Nature knows, but we don't. 15 Pinetree Sep 14th, 2019
05:13 PM
Plantar fasciitis 11 professor Sep 14th, 2019
03:20 PM
In the world of support animals... 16 Leftee Sep 14th, 2019
02:35 PM
Day of Birth Calculator & More 13 woodall Sep 14th, 2019
11:59 AM
Nothing to see here, move along 7 Gato Sep 14th, 2019
09:53 AM
Eddie Money has passed 21 SecondHoneymoon Sep 14th, 2019
07:46 AM
Shhhhhh... they're feeding people to people 4 Gato Sep 14th, 2019
07:30 AM
Look out! 16 Taildragger Sep 14th, 2019
07:21 AM
OK, non-believers, what in the hell are these?? Hmmmmm??? 23 Chris Greene Sep 13th, 2019
07:56 PM
OBD2 code reader / ABS light 5 Itchy Sep 13th, 2019
05:45 PM
Friends in Minor key 14 swampyankee Sep 13th, 2019
05:13 PM
KISS fans: new song alert! 3 Peegoo Sep 13th, 2019
03:10 PM
A 7am Amber Alert on 9/11 is a bit disconcerting 6 littleuch Sep 13th, 2019
03:04 PM
Engrish 17 Peegoo Sep 13th, 2019
09:50 AM
I've got lots of Fender swag, including a Fender letterman jacket 13 Chris Greene Sep 13th, 2019
09:14 AM
Who Does These Surveys, Anyway? 13 Gato Sep 13th, 2019
08:38 AM
Trades for old dudes 14 jellybones Sep 13th, 2019
07:41 AM
When is bedtime? 31 mfitz804 Sep 12th, 2019
09:14 PM
RevRob... 7 Taildragger Sep 12th, 2019
09:06 PM
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FDP Forum / Moe's Tavern (_8^(I)

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