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When quoting someone, please use quotation marks and when linking, please use link titles! 1 Chris Greene Sep 7th, 2014
01:59 AM
Please do us all a favor and don't create topic titles that are take-offs of existing topics 1 Chris Greene Sep 5th, 2014
04:53 PM
Have Ya Seen What Happens In Toronto When The Mic Goes Out During The US National Anthem? 18 zeprin Nov 23rd, 2014
01:45 AM
Anybody else enjoy the fiction of SF author Cordwainer Smith? 2 Waggler Nov 23rd, 2014
12:51 AM
Spending Quality Time with Your Dad 42 5Strats Nov 23rd, 2014
12:22 AM
College Football 2014-15 125 LeftyMeister Nov 23rd, 2014
12:07 AM
Plasma = Dinosaur 18 Ummagumma Nov 22nd, 2014
11:51 PM
Suggestion for a small business accounting program. 4 Tall-Fir Nov 22nd, 2014
10:27 PM
USS Thresher (SSN-593) - This story creeps me out! 17 ECS-3 Nov 22nd, 2014
08:56 PM
Let's play "Word Association" 7792 CheesyBob Nov 22nd, 2014
08:55 PM
How are your bed making skills? 28 littleuch Nov 22nd, 2014
08:09 PM
2003 Porsche Carerra Cabriolet... 23 6L6 Nov 22nd, 2014
07:35 PM
Amazon story 8 JimmySee Nov 22nd, 2014
07:29 PM
The Best Soccer Match Finish EVER! 13 LeftyMeister Nov 22nd, 2014
07:28 PM
Perry Como VS Dean Martin 28 trumpet77 Nov 22nd, 2014
07:08 PM
Ebay selling 6 avsalesman Nov 22nd, 2014
07:08 PM
Barbecue cleaning 8 avsalesman Nov 22nd, 2014
07:04 PM
About the Donuts 45 Pirate Nov 22nd, 2014
07:01 PM
"Chelsea Hotel" performed by Tal Wilkenfeld 9 bikrcoy Nov 22nd, 2014
06:21 PM
My new favorite stamp! 34 JimmySee Nov 22nd, 2014
05:47 PM
I LOVE CHRISTMAS MUSIC 26 SandBagger Nov 22nd, 2014
05:21 PM
I Did it My Way 14 Gato Nov 22nd, 2014
04:05 PM
Adrian Belew 19 RAGPICKER Nov 22nd, 2014
01:39 PM
More for SR-71 buffs: 8 capnhiho Nov 22nd, 2014
12:42 PM
P51D restored with working .50 MG's 15 Itchy Nov 22nd, 2014
11:55 AM
Mike Nichols Has Passed Away 11 spud1950 Nov 22nd, 2014
10:59 AM
I Can Dig It Post Some Funk Thread 39 stratcat_4760 Nov 22nd, 2014
10:15 AM
Do you reckon they'll call off school today in Buffalo? 19 Charlie Macon Nov 22nd, 2014
09:17 AM
Adios Verizon 4 JimmySee Nov 22nd, 2014
09:00 AM
Hiking pics - Knob Mtn (SNP) 1 ECS-3 Nov 22nd, 2014
08:55 AM
Aviation Humour 5 EA6B Nov 22nd, 2014
08:17 AM
House humidifier recommendations 7 picnic Nov 22nd, 2014
07:42 AM
Gave a photography talk today to a bunch of 8-10th graders 11 Chris Greene Nov 22nd, 2014
03:45 AM
We got fog on the dog! 4 jhawkr Nov 21st, 2014
09:03 PM
Kidney stones.......anyone get them? 18 Fenderookie Nov 21st, 2014
09:02 PM
What's *your* comfort food? 48 MJB Nov 21st, 2014
08:39 PM
Slow cooking a turkey recipes? 9 rcerex Nov 21st, 2014
08:23 PM
Roofing question - 40 year shingles 18 Thommie Nov 21st, 2014
08:17 PM
SPITFIRE Fans… Check this out! 15 6L6 Nov 21st, 2014
08:12 PM
Sons of A 47 K4 Nov 21st, 2014
07:57 PM
The John Goodman Under Appreciation Observatory 18 Vibroluxer Nov 21st, 2014
07:47 PM
Check This Out---SR71 Cockpit--Active View 34 stratcat_4760 Nov 21st, 2014
07:42 PM
The future of television. 21 GeezerTee Nov 21st, 2014
07:25 PM
NHL Hockey 2014-'15 122 MikeEC Nov 21st, 2014
05:51 PM
Prostate Cancer Screening Redux 17 willie Nov 21st, 2014
04:33 PM
Gas Price Watch 1971 Jake Nov 21st, 2014
04:22 PM
Fixed the garage door today. 7 catnineblue Nov 21st, 2014
04:09 PM
Short Story II 7 Gato Nov 21st, 2014
02:30 PM
Happy Birthday Duane Allman 11 810wmb Nov 21st, 2014
02:25 PM
My Keurig died 27 K4 Nov 21st, 2014
12:55 PM
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FDP Forum / Moe's Tavern (_8^(I)

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