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When quoting someone, please use quotation marks and when linking, please use link titles! 1 Chris Greene Sep 7th, 2014
01:59 AM
Please do us all a favor and don't create topic titles that are take-offs of existing topics 1 Chris Greene Sep 5th, 2014
04:53 PM
2nd credit card fraud incident in a year 7 littleuch Jan 30th, 2015
06:54 AM
Available band names 2 professor Jan 30th, 2015
06:52 AM
!!!Clown Hammer!!! 8 5Strats Jan 30th, 2015
06:48 AM
Hiking pics - Sugar Knob (George Washington National Forest) 5 ECS-3 Jan 30th, 2015
06:48 AM
Sly Stone awarded $5 million in back royalties 17 Juice Nichols Jan 30th, 2015
06:46 AM
First and second sick days taken in nearly 20 years 10 Jake Jan 30th, 2015
06:13 AM
Gumby, Buckwheat, Fred Rogers or James Brown? 8 SandBagger Jan 30th, 2015
06:08 AM
Wild 4 bluesunit Jan 30th, 2015
05:51 AM
what paint for caravan drawbar? 3 Grubby Jan 30th, 2015
05:21 AM
Ordering a car... 82 LudwigVonFender Jan 30th, 2015
03:21 AM
Bill Belicheat 457 jazzguy Jan 30th, 2015
01:20 AM
D/A converter bits. Calling all nerds. 2 Dadical Jan 29th, 2015
11:09 PM
Dang Suge... 8 SandBagger Jan 29th, 2015
09:52 PM
Won't get fooled again - acoustic version. 4 Charente Jan 29th, 2015
08:06 PM
Happy Anniversary 7 magicman Jan 29th, 2015
07:59 PM
Do you have a Favorite James Bond movie? 32 milhouse Jan 29th, 2015
07:56 PM
Let's play "Word Association" 8857 CheesyBob Jan 29th, 2015
07:50 PM
Tesla 'Insane Mode' 17 Charente Jan 29th, 2015
07:26 PM
Sons Of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, Dexter... 53 Pinetree Jan 29th, 2015
06:49 PM
Anybody here use Reverb.com? Opinions? 13 Stratrocker Jan 29th, 2015
06:22 PM
Gas Price Watch 2204 Jake Jan 29th, 2015
05:50 PM
My conversion from Keurig to Melitta so far 55 littleuch Jan 29th, 2015
05:45 PM
Tuskeegee Airmen Movie 6 Taildragger Jan 29th, 2015
04:53 PM
Had to file a claim with Paypal for item not received...sigh 6 budg Jan 29th, 2015
04:40 PM
Medicare question. 20 MJB Jan 29th, 2015
04:04 PM
BIG changes at the London Natural History Museum 10 Charente Jan 29th, 2015
03:20 PM
Military history warehouse 7 magicman Jan 29th, 2015
03:14 PM
Later ... With Jools Holland 13 Ummagumma Jan 29th, 2015
03:08 PM
Rare Beatles and Stones Photos 16 Ummagumma Jan 29th, 2015
02:58 PM
How could UPS crush a Carvin LS1503 and still leave it here? 37 Dadical Jan 29th, 2015
02:52 PM
As if Comcast didn't have a crappy enough reputation 4 Peegoo Jan 29th, 2015
01:30 PM
Interview Moejo needed for tomorrow 28 tom l Jan 29th, 2015
12:23 PM
You+Me - "Love Gone Wrong" - I Was Very Surpised by This! 4 5Strats Jan 29th, 2015
12:10 PM
Taylor Swift tradmarks "This Sick Beatâ„¢" 10 wborys Jan 29th, 2015
12:00 PM
Any iPhone (or other Android users) have a favored portable battery pack? 26 Chris Greene Jan 29th, 2015
09:15 AM
Photo content -- lens 6 JimmySee Jan 29th, 2015
09:03 AM
Wednesday chuckle 10 jtheissen Jan 29th, 2015
08:33 AM
Time for another vehicle....I surrender, oh Jeep 0331 cylinder head 28 Charlie Macon Jan 29th, 2015
08:18 AM
Dwight Twilley--I'm on Fire 4 Purple Valley Jan 29th, 2015
08:13 AM
The Grand Ole Opry Kicked Out Hank Williams 23 5Strats Jan 29th, 2015
08:07 AM
FDP Book Sharing: "Heaven and Hell" by Don Felder... who wants it next? 22 Think Floyd Jan 29th, 2015
07:22 AM
Finally watched "Lost" 20 Chris Greene Jan 29th, 2015
01:10 AM
NHL Hockey 2014-'15 264 MikeEC Jan 28th, 2015
09:06 PM
Developed some film the other day 14 Pirate Jan 28th, 2015
07:52 PM
Why do sugar and powdered sugar taste so different? 3 Dadical Jan 28th, 2015
07:32 PM
When did manufactures start manufacting? 26 Peegoo Jan 28th, 2015
07:25 PM
tell me sbout tennis elbow and guitar 16 bcinbergen Jan 28th, 2015
06:14 PM
Spent the day at the NAMM show 38 JimmySee Jan 28th, 2015
06:07 PM
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FDP Forum / Moe's Tavern (_8^(I)

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