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FDP Forum / Fender Bass Guitars and Bass Amps

Next 50 Topics
TopicPosts OriginatorLast Post
Hey, bass players, FDP needs your help... 7 Taildragger Jul 13th, 2018
10:55 PM
Multiple tiny speakers for bass... 23 Taildragger Dec 10th, 2018
08:57 AM
WOOOooooOooooOOO! 7 Leftee Dec 10th, 2018
05:52 AM
My Holy Grail has arrived! 1951 P-bass 17 edmonstg Dec 10th, 2018
05:50 AM
Do you adjust your tuning on a string mid-song ? 9 windmill Dec 7th, 2018
09:20 PM
Hands up those who have played through an Ampeg with an 8 x 10 cab. 9 windmill Dec 7th, 2018
01:31 PM
Excellent Bass Bridge at decent price. 5 Bubbalou Dec 5th, 2018
01:57 PM
1953 Precision 12 Mach1970 Dec 1st, 2018
07:54 PM
Attention George-New Fender Player P bass 16 Bubbalou Nov 30th, 2018
03:01 PM
IMHO, this guy... 1 Taildragger Nov 24th, 2018
10:49 AM
Beginner bass please 24 Ryder Nov 23rd, 2018
09:47 PM
Use a B-string on your 4-string and go deep 19 edmonstg Nov 21st, 2018
10:29 PM
Attention George "edmonstg" 5 Bubbalou Nov 20th, 2018
08:23 PM
What about this PJ? 3 Stratrocker Nov 18th, 2018
05:22 PM
My old guy rig 35 Rick Knight Nov 18th, 2018
06:29 AM
String issues... 3 Taildragger Nov 8th, 2018
02:34 AM
NGD 8 Bubbalou Nov 5th, 2018
11:20 AM
NGD 1 Bubbalou Oct 29th, 2018
12:07 PM
So, since I started this bass playing thing, my favourite bit is 13 windmill Oct 23rd, 2018
10:49 AM
Question on current Hofner Beatle basses 20 reverendrob Oct 23rd, 2018
08:40 AM
Looks like something Dusty Hill would play 5 BobbyMac Oct 6th, 2018
05:26 PM
play long scale, practice short scale ? 15 windmill Sep 29th, 2018
07:52 PM
For the DIY guys [pickup problem] 8 sparkymeb Sep 29th, 2018
11:19 AM
Thomastik-Infeld JF-344 Jazz flats 26 edmonstg Sep 25th, 2018
01:51 AM
Rumble 25 question 5 huck Sep 20th, 2018
05:45 AM
Change pickguard on Fender Standard Jazz Bass 8 Bubbalou Aug 31st, 2018
05:47 PM
Infeld IN-344 strings??? 7 rwb Aug 31st, 2018
05:46 PM
Flats on a Jazz 23 Lewis Aug 31st, 2018
05:38 PM
Now that I have a Medium scale bass, what cases are available? 5 mroulier Aug 30th, 2018
08:43 AM
Has there ever been a time when you have not had a Fender bass? 16 Basstorius Aug 20th, 2018
12:08 PM
Need bass amp recommendation 31 Bigfoot Aug 16th, 2018
08:42 AM
This could be good! (Geddy Lee's book) 1 liverbird Aug 14th, 2018
11:48 AM
I must be livin' right... 19 Taildragger Aug 2nd, 2018
05:35 PM
Need help identifying early Fender Bass 2 jbassnut Jul 31st, 2018
04:56 AM
I can tweak the scale on this one 9 hushnel Jul 14th, 2018
05:53 PM
Saddle spacing on American Professional Precision 5 epaminandis Jul 8th, 2018
10:32 AM
Flats? Rounds? Tape-wounds? 5 Taildragger Jul 7th, 2018
09:14 PM
New Fender Rumble Studio 40 and Stage 800? 9 Elmo Clapner Jun 30th, 2018
07:16 AM
Secret Bassist gang sign 4 hushnel Jun 30th, 2018
07:03 AM
Killer bass with Jackie Wilson 2 digiboy Jun 30th, 2018
02:16 AM
Strings on my new Fender American Professional Precision Bass 3 epaminandis Jun 29th, 2018
11:02 PM
Bass Amp Advice 28 Leftee Jun 18th, 2018
03:33 PM
Took my first bass (52 years ago) to rehearsal last night 16 hushnel Jun 9th, 2018
04:31 PM
(MIK) "Newark Street" Guild Starfire Bass PSA 1 Taildragger Jun 4th, 2018
05:49 PM
60's Harmony Basses 3 Tori Jun 3rd, 2018
02:24 PM
Got a playing problem -- looking for advice/technique 12 wrnchbndr May 30th, 2018
07:07 PM
I’m considering going to Bass Camp 17 hushnel May 30th, 2018
06:49 PM
Have you compared Super 55 Js with Area Js and/or Apollos? 1 Rick Knight May 20th, 2018
05:59 PM
Is it possible to run a straight and a delayed signal through the same amp 12 windmill May 15th, 2018
05:50 PM
Another new amp - Carvin MB10 16 themaestro May 15th, 2018
06:26 AM
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FDP Forum / Fender Bass Guitars and Bass Amps

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