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Next 50 Topics
TopicPosts OriginatorLast Post
Any suggestions or advice on good LED lights and stand? 12 R House May 6th, 2015
08:27 AM
Oh! The grand luxury of a good sound man in a great venue. 3 Dadical May 6th, 2015
04:22 AM
Springtime outdoor gigs and weather 11 Tony Wright May 4th, 2015
06:50 PM
Turn Down! You're Too Loud! 46 Hammond101 May 3rd, 2015
05:08 PM
A good club owner, and a different approach 8 Gene O. Apr 27th, 2015
07:36 PM
Squealing JBL Eon, or....? 2 jazzguy Apr 27th, 2015
02:22 PM
free Klark Teknik DN9848 4 Roly Apr 26th, 2015
07:53 PM
Must Be Aging 10 Laker Apr 26th, 2015
02:34 PM
I think I will probably get wet at tonight's gig 10 themaestro Apr 25th, 2015
07:49 PM
Stupid Things People Say To Musicians 48 jellybones Apr 15th, 2015
12:42 PM
Technology and Live Performance 17 Mark From Hawaii Apr 15th, 2015
12:38 PM
Anyone else use just fingers to strum acoustic live? 7 wborys Apr 15th, 2015
10:10 AM
Lending your guitar nightmare! 24 shunka Apr 15th, 2015
10:07 AM
Are 12" 2-way speakers "good enough" for vocal only PA 10 lockbody Apr 14th, 2015
06:20 AM
I probably shouldn't post this... 12 Gene O. Apr 10th, 2015
06:35 PM
How Far Would You Drive To A Gig On A Regular Basis? 33 JuiceDaddy Apr 10th, 2015
07:01 AM
So I passed the audition 25 Hammond101 Apr 6th, 2015
11:43 AM
Getting gigs 19 greg1948 Apr 2nd, 2015
01:01 PM
PA stage setup help 18 picnic Apr 2nd, 2015
12:21 PM
When band members are missing.... 27 avsalesman Apr 1st, 2015
01:02 PM
how many cases has your axe been through? 17 Roly Mar 31st, 2015
12:51 PM
what didn't you have when you started giging? 37 Roly Mar 31st, 2015
12:49 PM
Diagnosed with a case of "O L D" 15 Stratotron Mar 29th, 2015
10:42 AM
Adventures in Auditioning 13 swampyankee Mar 24th, 2015
02:48 PM
PA Organization and Set Up 13 mwieser Mar 18th, 2015
07:31 PM
tech rider question 8 Roly Mar 13th, 2015
12:53 AM
DI Boxes - need help with selection 18 Thommie Mar 13th, 2015
12:28 AM
Affordable PA 34 steve_crocker Mar 7th, 2015
08:59 PM
Hey, watch my WannaBeatle band cover "Help!" 21 Dolemite Mar 4th, 2015
05:03 PM
PA Curiousity and Research 18 Tony Wright Mar 4th, 2015
12:30 PM
Gospel/Spiritual 8 scott-s Mar 3rd, 2015
01:19 PM
Tyrone plays Little Wing 18 Tyrone Shuz Feb 28th, 2015
05:51 PM
Audition jitters 17 swampyankee Feb 26th, 2015
08:54 AM
Playing funerals.... 15 super mario Feb 25th, 2015
11:09 AM
Birthday Party Gig - felt good 5 Mark From Hawaii Feb 24th, 2015
02:15 AM
OAP's - new band - first gig 7 Maulden7 Feb 23rd, 2015
11:24 AM
Wheels/Carts for an Amp. 11 Tori Feb 17th, 2015
02:25 PM
p.a. question 19 huck Feb 16th, 2015
11:27 AM
Playing "down the street." 4 shunka Feb 14th, 2015
12:03 PM
Tone in live performance 61 Slimlefttown Feb 13th, 2015
12:57 PM
What was the eventual outcome on Wireless devices and FCC sale? 4 mroulier Feb 13th, 2015
12:33 AM
Dynamics in music 5 Twangmeister Feb 13th, 2015
12:14 AM
Need an adapter..... 8 greg1948 Feb 13th, 2015
12:01 AM
How much are party bands typically charging in the US? 14 Deep Feb 9th, 2015
04:34 PM
St. Louis - Music Shop/Players? 4 stratmanron Feb 4th, 2015
03:17 PM
Powered Pedal Board? 13 Tori Jan 31st, 2015
01:23 AM
Amp Stands 49 Slimlefttown Jan 30th, 2015
10:31 PM
Gear insurance for those who gig occasionaly? 18 Rick Knight Jan 25th, 2015
08:26 PM
In a wierd cycle.... 9 Stratotron Jan 21st, 2015
09:19 AM
Poor Man's Drum Machine 4 Gato Jan 19th, 2015
04:52 PM
Next 50 Topics

FDP Forum / Performer's Corner

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